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    15531872615941683849832.jpg HQ no1 miitary collecting centre 1945 april to December. W O 169/21655 anybody got information on the where abouts they where and who with? Dad was moved thier after going down to b7 on medical grounds after being in a convalescent depot
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    Hi Bazz,

    No real merit posting this question on another forum as it’s covered in your original topic. The answer is in the War Diary.

    You were given advice about where to get a copy of the war diary in your original topic. Your best bet would be to request a look up and copy service for the WD. Several forum members offer that service.

  3. Bazz

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    Had a look steve and could not find page. Just wondering if any body had info on it thats all sorry if thats wrong
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    Don’t understand what you mean?

    The WO reference is a reference to the National Archives Index not a link to the actual War Diary book/page.

    You either need to attend National Archives in London and request sight of the War Diary or ask one of the members on the forum who do look ups there (Drew5288 or psychwar) to copy it for you (a reasonable charge is made).

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    Hoping somebody has got it to send tome as iwould pay for it to be down loaded. Bazz
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    Thanks for that info steve. Will try to get in touch with them. Thanks again with this still learning,how to use things.
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    Here is a link for forum member Lee - psywar

    You’ll find Drew5233 if you use the forum search on the top right of the page.

  8. Bazz

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    Thanks again Steve. You have been more then helpfull. Bazz

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