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Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by Stalagxxb, Jul 26, 2015.

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    Hello everyone I am new to this forum and I am desperately in need of help.
    I am trying to trace information on my father he was a prisoner in stalag XXAand XXB he was repatriated on 14 October 1943 from Gothenburg
    Would my father have filled in a questionnaire upon his return to the UK if so where could I find that questionnaire
    He had two POW nos 5694 and later 7296 his name was Alfred Edward Bruce and he was captured 22.05.1940

    I have this information from his capture cards.

    Thanks in anticipation
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    Do you have his service number and regiment. Searching the POW files for him by name and POW numbers doesn't show his name - which is odd

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    Repatriation of seriously injured and disabled prisoners or war via the Red Cross seems to have taken place around this time. An exchange at Gothenburg of Germans and Allied.

    This is the article I found which refers to 19 October 1943. The post by StalagXXb mentions 14 October 1943, which is fairly close.

    There appear to be files held at the National Archives relating to Prisoner Exchanges. Go to the National Archives advanced search engine:-

    Type Prisoner Exchange in the first line and 1943 in the from and and to date section and 108 results appear (Not all Allied POW). Some might be of interest, but further research requires a visit in person or getting someone to do it for you.

    I recommend applying for the service records first, in order to determine why he was repatriated.
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    Sorry but the Re-pats did not complete Liberation Questionnaires.



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