Tracing a shot down ME109 pilot

Discussion in 'Axis Units' started by chingoo, Mar 17, 2014.

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    I was wandering if there is a way of tracing a pilot. An ME109 was shot down on the 4th July '44 around Le Fresne Camilly, Normandy.

    Can anyone advise on how I would go about tracking down who the pilot was, and whether he was KIA or POW?

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    In 2nd Tactical Air force Volume 3 there are claims listed for 6 Me-109's that day with 4 being in the Caen area although only 3 were claimed as destroyed, the remainder being claimed as damaged. One of those claimed as destroyed was at Dreux while the other two were claimed by Flight-Lt H.C. Trainor of 411 Sqdn 2-3 miles east of Caen. It briefly mentions IV/JG-27 as fighting against the Canadians during that melee. Overall, German losses totaled 39 fighters that day, including 12 from JG-2 and 7 from JG-27. JG-26 lost two aircraft that day, both Fw-190's, so it wouldn't be from that unit.

    It might be worth posting a question on the 12 O'Clock High Forum as they have a lot of people with files full of such details that might be able to help.
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    Thanks for that information. When I didn't get any responses (until now) I tried 12 o'clock high and posted to them. I have had some responses but like you said, it appears that the locations are "near Caen" and not specific to which area.

    Really appreciate your response, thank you!

    If I get any luck from the other website I'll post my findings here.


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