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    Hi, could anyone help me interpret some of the points on this Royal Engineer's tracer card? It is the service of my great-grandfather. His pre-war occupation was as a bricklayer and I imagine that 'RE Construction' would've utilised these skills, but what did this involve in war time? Also, his discharge states 'Wing / C', what does this mean?
    Any help is appreciated.


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    Not much to go on, you are showing one page with two lines. He was a Sapper (Private) in the Royal Engineers for one year Jan 1940 to Jan 1941. In a Construction unit.
    At a very rough guess they were building a lot of anti invasion sites gun encasements etc particularly on the coasts of the UK at this time. Could have been anything anywhere really. Need more info to say for sure.
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    Thanks for the reply I know its not much to go off. Do you happen to know what the 'Discharged - Wing / C' part means at all?
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    I have applied yeah, around 1 year ago now.

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