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    Hi all, I am trying to find out where my uncle died in the 49th Recce. David John Howells, a trooper, he died on the 25th September. The family believes he was killed on the Albert canal somewhere. Anybody got any ideas??
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    The war diary pages for 49 Recce does not mention any specific deaths for other ranks, but this unit was poor at recording casualties during the advance into Northern Belgium. A had a Belgian contact that I've met several times and I'll send him a message to see if anything comes up.

    Photo of the war diary page for 25 September 1944:- (They advanced across the Albert Canal, but exactly where I don't know)

    P1000609 (Large).JPG

    P1000610 (Large).JPG

    Photos of the CWG cemetery at Geel. (I took these photos in 2009)



    DSCF2055 (Large).JPG

    DSCF3609 (Large).JPG
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    Have you checked out the grave concentration report to help see where he died??


    I havent done the map reference bit as I'm noy very good with those



    Had a go at finding the cordinates and my results are:
    Latitude : 51° 20' 50'' N
    Longitude : 4° 47' 15'' E

    Latitude : 51.34732°
    Longitude : 4.78752°
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    How spooky is that. I checked the original coordinates for the burial place for Trooper Howells before he was moved to Geel War Cemetery. He was buried around two miles south-east of Rijkevorsel, Northern Belgium.

    My Dad's regiment were temporarily converted into Infantry (17 - 30 October 1944) as they finally captured this area and moved across the exact ground and area which Trooper Howells was temporarily buried. The map references from his unit war diary overlap.

    I am hoping my contact, who lives in Hoogstaten a few miles north will find out more. He is so passionate about this area and if anyone can come up with more details, he's the man.
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    At 0001 hrs, the 4th Battalion, The Lincolnshire Regiment prepared to assault and cross the Turnhout canal. They did so successfully at 0400 hrs. A bailey bridge (named PLUMBRIDGE) was erected by 0600 hrs, close to a brickworks. 4 Lincolns troops along with Reconnaissance Troops advanced North, West and East of the town of Rijkevorsel.

    (The 4 Lincolns war diary is attached:)

    P1100404 (Large).JPG

    (View from the South, the brickworks (SAS) are still visible, although no longer in use). The Plumbridge memorial is located below the circular building and to the left.


    Taken in October 1944 of Plumbridge. Copies of these are held by the archives at Rijkevorsel.




    Photos of the bridge today:-

    DSCF1963 (Large).JPG

    DSCF1964 (Large).JPG

    Trooper Howells died that day (25/9/1944) and was buried close to Rijkevorsel. The Hallams and the Leicesters only captured the strongpoint of the Depot of Mendicitie on the 29/9/1944, showing how difficult it was dislodge the enemy.

    BHC 001284 Brecht Lierre 24 & 43 - Copy (Large).jpg

    Plumbrigge is still celebrated and commemorated by the town of Rijkevorsel.


    I was honored to be part of those events in 2009. Trooper Joe Hoadley of 49 Recce (middle) was able to be part of those events.


    These commemorations will continue to take place in the last weekend in September.




    Taken in 2017

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    ramacal 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    War Diary of 49 Recce attached, showing A, B and C Squadron advancing alongside with 4 Lincolns. It is not possible to say which troop Trooper Howells is a member, unless they obtain a copy of his Service record. I hope his family is able to see the larger picture and where Trooper Howells host his life.

    P1000609 (Large).JPG

    P1000610 (Large).JPG

    From 29 September 1944, other units of 49 Division advanced to the west & north, the 1st Polish Armoured Division went East and North. Due to extensive mines sewn by the Germans, no one was able to advance due to shortage of manpower. My Dad's regiment was converted into Infantry on 15 October 1944. They were used to fill that shortage. 49 Division advanced along with 1st Polish Armoured Division were also advance into Holland.
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    ramacal 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    A link to Camp Plumbridge commemorations in 2017 (thanks to Bart Hysmans). I hope this gives an idea how caring the people of Rijkevorsel about the sacrifice of the men who helped liberat their town.

    Camp Plumbridge 2017 Herdenking - Bart Huysmans
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    I’m gobsmacked with this information. I will have to visit Rijkevosel if that is where my uncle died (Tpr David John Howells)

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