Tour-Berlin, Colditz and Sagan (Stalag Luft 3)

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    I am planning to do a small tour in September, based in Berlin with a visit to Colditz and Sagan by car. Can anybody give me some rough info on distances/times to these locations from Berlin as I would like to complete them in a day (or 2) if possible. Also if there is anything else that is worth visiting in the immediate area I would appreicate a heads up....

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    Here's part of a trip I've just finished. Visited the graves of the 50 Great Escapers who were shot.

    Berlin War Cemetery 52°30'27.70"N 013°13'22.00"E 283 Km - 3h02
    Flt/Lt D Street 3.A.24 52°30'27.50"N 013°13'13.01"E
    Lord Haw Haw - Kastanienallee 29 52°30'45.20"N 013°16'09.86"E 4 Km - 0h07
    Best Western Berlin Mitte 52°31'24.52"N 013°23'01.34"E 9 Km - 0h17
    Sachsenhausen camp 52°45'49.78"N 013°15'37.91"E
    182 Fri 01 JULY Best Western Berlin Mitte
    183 Sat 02 FUEL < POLAND 51°53'25.90"N 013°49'54.19"E
    Harry's Exit 51°36'01.71"N 015°18'31.80"E 208 Km - 2h19
    HARRY'S Western Turnoff 51°36'08.73"N 015°17'46.12"E
    Hut 104 Replica 51°35'47.73"N 015°17'33.62"E
    Hotel Willa Park Zagan 51°36'59.94"N 015°19'37.64"E
    184 Sun 03 Poznan - Hotel Ibis Centrum 52°24'08.42"N 016°56'28.95"E 201 Km - 2h44
    Poznan Cemetery parking 52°25'02.45"N 016°55'57.88"E 2 Km - 0h06

    See here:- Heerstraße to Aleja Armii Poznań - Google Maps

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