Tornado Farewell Flypast

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Owen, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. Owen

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    Went out to Shrivenham this afternoon to see the flypast by 3 Tornados.
    Here's a couple of pics my Mrs took & cropped in close ups.

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  2. Trackfrower

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    Seen (by the Mrs) over Cranfield
  3. Harry Ree

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    Surprised that they did not fly up the Trent valley,a low flying area which has been continually used by the RAF and the USAF....minimum flying height 250 feet and lower than the cooling towers of the power plants situated on the Trent
  4. Owen

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  5. Tullybrone

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    I appreciate the maps are pretty basic but the map for 19th Feb flypast seems to put RAF Spadeadam in Scotland?

    I know it covers a large surface area but it looks to be a bit too far north to me ;)


    RAF Spadeadam | RAF Live
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