Today 73 years ago - start of the Bergen-Belsen Trial

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    Belsen trial - Wikipedia

    Thanks to the blessing of late birth I was only 6 months old.
    Still,it is also part of my history.

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    I have this...


    Re. attendance at the trial.

    "Tomorrow I’m going to Lunenburg to see the other Boche, Kramer, Irma Grese and the others. I have a ticket and a truck to take me."

    So I wondered how many serving British soldiers were allowed to view the trial itself as it progressed.

    The wiki has a link to the
    Transcript of the Official Shorthand Notes of 'The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others'
    Trial Transcript - Contents

    And I was looking too now to see what, if anything, there was, i.e. Pathe Newsreel, in terms of existing film of the trial etc. ?

    Pathe Newsreel Bergen Belsen trial - Google Search


    The Belsen Trial: War Crimes of the SS (1945) | British Pathé

    "Josef Kramer (aka 'The Beast of Belsen'), Nazi commandant of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and 44 other war criminals arrive at Lüneburg, Germany to stand trial at 'The Belsen Trial' in this Pathé gazette footage from 1945."

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