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    Great story Charles.
  2. steve barnett

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    These pics are the "Mad Hatters" 152 Battery hockey team-Harry Barnett front row far left. A Breda gun in Tobruk harbour and German prisoners under Aussie guard (perimeter).
  3. penance

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    Hi Steve,
    fantastic pictures.
    My grandfather was in 153 battery, I also have a photo album.
    Let me know if you would like to share pictures.
  4. steve barnett

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    Hi Penance,

    Yes, that would be fantastic. I have a feeling many of your pictures will be the same as mine ie from the same source. However, there may be some on both sides that are unique.
  5. penance

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    I think you may be right but some of yours already are photos I've not seen.
    I have most in an album on facebook, do you have a facebook account?
    Obviously I can send some higher res ones if you wish.

    Shall we take this to pm and exchane email details etc?
  6. steve barnett

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    Yes Andy, sounds good. No I don't have a facebook account, but e-mails will be excellent- I'm pleased you seem to know how to do this!
  7. penance

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    Steve you have a pm.
  8. steve barnett

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    I was looking at the Pathe film recommended by Bodston and noticed a bit in one of the other films "Defenders of Tobruk" at 6:51, this looks like it might be the disastrous luftwaffe attack on the gun sites in April '41. You can see the batteries firing from their emplacements and shows the stukas attacking. You never know with film editors, but there are shots of downed axis planes possibly from the same attack? This was a black day for the Hatters and they lost many men and guns during this attack.
  9. penance

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    Steve is that the attack where a Matador with ammo took a hit next to one of the pits?

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