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    Can anyone please confirm the whereabouts of 2nd Bn Queens on 7 December 1941? I'm trying to trace Captain Sidney George Armstrong of 2nd Bn Queens (formerly RAMC) who died that day as per CWGC (KIA as per local newspaper obit).
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    Here you go:

    Just as a quick heads up he's buried in Tobruk which would suggest he was killed in Libya:
    CWGC :: Certificate

    There's some Africa Campaign experts on here that maybe able to give you more details.

    Interesting that he moved from RAMC to a Infantry unit. I thought at first he may have been attached as the Medical Officer but it says formerly which suggests he transfered- cap badge et all.

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    Here you go Clive, this is taken from a book called "The Queens in
    The Middle East and North Africa 1939 - 1943

    They were at Tobruk:- 4th December 1941 The 2/13th Australian Infantry was placed under command of 16 Brigade, and with tank support was detailed to retake their old observation post of ‘Plonk’, now a strongly defended position, whilst on their left 2nd Queens, without tanks, was to capture their old post of ‘Bondi’. The attack was to take place after dark on the 4th December. Unfortunately, inspite of the moonlight, the tanks did not find the start line, so as they did not arrive the Australians cancelled their attack. In ignorance of this the Queens attacked at zero hour with ‘C’ Company leading. They were caught in the bright moonlight by mortars and machine guns firing on fixed lines, and ‘C’ Company had many casualties including Capt S.G. Armstrong, who was killed almost immediately after joining the company, when walking across to liaise with ‘A’ Company. When news arrived of the situation on the right the attack was broken off. However at dawn it was found that the enemy had withdrawn, and both ‘Bondi’ and ‘Plonk’ were occupied unopposed.

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    Clive a bit more on your guy Taken from the book
    "Toil and Tribulation Triumph" an account of a
    soldiers life while serving with the 2nd Queens.

    The 2 in command Captain Armstrong was alsokilled
    in this attack. He had only recently joined the company
    from leave, and I believe recently married. He was
    in conference with the Company Commander, Captain
    P R H Kealy when a mortar bomb exploded in their
    midst, and Captain Armstrong was killed instantly.
    Corporal North, one of my platoon section commanders
    was also killed. He was only a few feet from me, but
    I hadn't relised he had been shot until roll call later
    in the night when he didn't answer to his name.

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