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  1. von Poop

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    Dbf has caught tag-itis. It's a form of manic infection that leads the sufferer to weeks of tidying & generally improving thread tags. To the Nth degree.

    We have a tag search:
    Search Tags | WW2Talk
    With a tag cloud below. (Something I'd like to place more prominently, but am not attempting until we move to XF2.)
    It's a pretty good way to browse the forum, especially perhaps for new chaps looking for favourite subjects or particular regiments, corps, etc.
    Not just from the cloud/search, but clicking the tags above a thread can then lead to more on the same theme.

    Everyone can add tags when they start a thread. (Still considering giving the ability to edit/add existing tags, which might be more useful). There is a box below the text entry field.


    It offers auto-completion options as you type.
    Standardisation of tags is good.

    Please consider using it. D's done (& is doing) a great deal of heavy lifting, so many subjects are already in there. It'd be a good system to get working more usefully.

  2. Gonegirl

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    Can I just say being new here and trying to find things out has a been a little testing for me so thanks for this... I've just used it and found it really helpful and can I just say what a great forum yous have here so keep up the good work in making it easy to navigate around I know it must be difficult and I for sure will be using the tag search..
  3. dbf

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  4. Pat Atkins

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    Tag editing capacity would be very handy - after all, we often lack the oversight to tag effectively until we've had the benefit of other people's responses. And thanks for the work you're putting in, dbf, much appreciated.

    Cheers, Pat
  5. von Poop

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    Looking into it.
    If possible, think it might need quite a high (100+) post bar to curtail spammers/vandalism.
  6. SteveDee

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    Don't think I should be made to wait until I'm 100, that's over 30 years away! :screwy:
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