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Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by Trevor Smallman, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Group of Lads

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    Is this your grandfather:
    Sydney Eustace Scott in the British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920
    Name: Sydney Eustace Scott
    [Sydney Eustace Terry]
    Gender: Male
    Birth Date: abt 1883
    Marriage Date: 26 Dec 1912
    Marriage Place: Newbury
    Age: 32
    Document Year: 1915
    Residence Place: 410 Northhork St Newbury, Bak
    Regimental Number: 28225
    Regiment Name: Brigads Guards
    Form Title: Short Service Attestation
    Number of Images: 24
    Other Records: Search for 'Sydney Eustace Scott' in other WWI collections
    Family Members:
    Name Relation to Soldier
    Sydney Eustace Scott Self (Head)
    Ethel Emma Ferry Spouse
    Claud Eustace Ferry Scott Child
    Kennet Sydney Ferry Scott Child

    I would assume the last child is actually Kenneth Sydney Terry Scott ( mistakenly transcribed)

    Died 1963?

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    Yes that is my Grandfather, there are some transcripts that show the Terry as Ferry and I have asked for this to be changed .

    My posts don't all seem to be there though.

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    Grandad died at age 80 in Newbury he was struck by a motorcycle while crossing the road but although not too seriously injured died from natural causes within 2 weeks, worked for the Newbury weekly news for 51 years.

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    The group of lads

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    Hello Veronique!

    My name is Chyanne Orton, I am the Grandaughter on Thomas Orton! I am so happy to have came across this forum and your posts as your father is someone grandad has always wondered about!

    It is with great regret that I have to inform everyone here that grandad past away on the 5/9/2018 aged 102! But I cannot wait to tell my dad what I have found, this has bought me great joy to know what happend to Kenneth. Do you have any other photos with my grandad in? From what you have written I understand that your dad must have survived the escape?
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    Hi Trevor I am Chyanne Orton toms grandaughter please get in touch with me Thankyou!
    Veronica please get in touch with me I am Tom protons grandaughter

    Thanks x
  8. Hello
    Chyanne have sent you a PM via this site
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    Hello Chyanne,

    Happy to meet you and I am happy to chat and can pm you my mobile number too. The photos I do have are few and far between, most are with my brother Terry in South Africa, Terry is 73 this week and I am 48 my sister is 46 so yes my dad was a sprightly man who had 2 daughters in his 50's. That said i have a copy of a letter that my dad wrote about a fellow soldier who was in that photo Jack.. and a few other photos over the period of the war. I am genuinely sorry to hear that your Grandad has passed on what a long and eventful life. I have struggled to find records of my dad's time during the war and it was thanks to Trevor Smallman that I found what I have here. I did write a letter to your Grandad and posted to the address that Trevor gave me with copies of the photos in the letter I sent , I never got a reply though so I think your Grandad might well have been too poorly to respond, do look out for it it was quite a chunky letter :) It has been a rough year so i have been slacking unfortunately but I am back and will check my mail more regularly.

    Thanks for the message it was so welcome.
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    Trevor have a look at this book too :) Chyanne , your grandad is listed the page of this hymn book

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