Thomas Frayne M.M.

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    Well done Lesley in following this up excellent result.

    Regards Michael.
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    Thank you Michael

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    I see in that clipping Destremont Farm near Le Sars in mentioned.
    some maps here.
    scroll down page to'' The Battle of Morval 25th - 28th September 1916''
    11th Battalion Sherwood Foresters


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    Thanks for that info Owen.

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    Congratulations on finding the citation!

    Sometimes a visit to a local library to look for this sort of line of enquiry can lead to a successful outcome, as you have obtained here. Not everything is 'online'!

    It was a lot better when you managed to narrow down the search parameters, such as the date beforehand.
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    Thanks Jos.

    I had to go today to try and find it as the library is closing for a re-vamp on Saturday for 7 weeks! Some of the other guys who got an MM around that time didn't get much of a mention which is a shame, but was delighted to find so much information about Thomas.

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    Hi, Just started looking into my family history, think this maybe my great uncle, Thomas Frayne brother of James Frayne (my granddad) both were in Goole at some stage. Not confirmed as yet but think they were both born in Ireland and moved to England, not sure of what year.
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    Can’t be 100% but I believe that the Thomas Frayne who is the subject of this post was born 5 November 1893 in Goole. His parents were Michael (c1871) born Mayo, Ireland, and Alice (c1868), born Goole.

    In 1939 Thomas was on a disability pension by virtue of his army service. His service record is available from TNA:
    2/Lieutenant Thomas FRAYNE. The York and Lancaster Regiment. | The National Archives

    Thomas married Mabel Lambert Q2 1920 in Goole, Mabel’s dob 20 April 1894. Son Thomas dob 29 July 1924. Other children Kathleen (1929), Bryan (1933), and Winifred (1930).

    Don’t take all this as 100% until you have thoroughly checked it out, but it may give you a start.

    Frayne1.jpg Frayne2.jpg Frayne3.jpg
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    Many thanks Tony56
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    Yes this info is correct. Thomas Frayne was my paternal grandfather.
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