Thomas Fields Scott GM, 2934127 11 Commando/SOE?

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    Looking for info on Cpl Scott, he won the George Medal in Yugoslavia (citation below) - he was a Cameron Highlander, attached to 11 Commando and seems to have an SOE file at the National Archives - does this mean he was SOE or that he was working with them? the operation where he won his GM would seem to be an SOE Mission.

    I'm hoping someone has copies of the SOE file, or there are some decent SOE books that anyone can look up and see if this mission gets a mention or if Cpl Scott is mentioned at all.

    He has a page here SCOTT, Thomas Fields | ͏
    And is mentioned here Keep em Moving. Cameron Highlanders Honours and Awards. George medal and Mentioned in Despatches

    Citation On 21st September, 1943, Corporal Scott, together with Major Petro and Captain Virkow, were dropped by parachute on Lisee Forest in North-East Serbia within five miles of the enemy occupied village of Elet, but the party was carried by wind far from this zone into deep forest. There was no moon. In trying to disentangle themselves while hanging from trees, Captain Virkow and Corporal Scott fell from heights of about 30-40 feet. Captain Virkow broke a hip bone and both arms, Corporal Scott a leg, and also displaced bones in his spine. Both were found unconscious by Guerillas, they were tended secretly by a Serbian doctor from enemy-occupied territory and in both cases, due to shock and exposure, pneumonia intervened. In about one month Corporal Scott was well enough to hobble about on crutches but Captain Virkow's hip never 'set' and he was immobile. From October, 1943 to April, 1944, Corporal Scott, suffering acutely himself, journeyed with his officer to rejoin British lines. This meant constant sudden movesat the approach of the enemy, and often hiding from the enemy in close vicinity. Corporal Scott was completely out of touch with base so that no medicines, or medical appliances, ever reached them, and always carrying Captain Virkow over difficult mountain tracks. It was only Corporal Scott's selfless devotion and incredible tact in getting help from Guerillas accomplished this amazing feat. The situation was rendered more difficult when in December, 1943, H.M.G. withdrew support from General Mihailovic and gave active assistance to Marshal Tito. By May, 1944, they had joined up with some British officers, and Captain Virkow was left in care of natives for treatment in a nursing camp (he was subsequently captured by the Germans). Corporal Scott, having been officially relieved of his duties of caring for Captain Virkow ultimately got to the coast and then home.
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    Captain Vercoe's MBE citation for his part in the mission

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    They seem to get a mention on page 153 of "Parachutes, Patriots and Partisans"

    I should probably do the googling then post a single message rather than dribs and drabs but too late
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    Contact member Jedburgh22 to see if he has SOE files for him - he has quite a few

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    Will do, I have seen various mention of them before but never really paid them much attention (until now) cheers
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    Cpl Field Service Book as well as a photo of him and his medals (unfortunately miniatures - but if they were full size I wouldn't have got near the group).

    Jedburgh22 has been very helpful with Personel files for Scott and also one of the officers, Petro-Pavlovsky - which gives a bit more detail on the operation - Mission Buttons which was to land in Serbia before passing over to Bulgaria

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