Things I'd wish I'd done in my lifetime :(

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    I'm in the throes of planning a visit to the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth and for some unknown reason started thinking about the Regimental Arm Badge that I once wore, after I had become Tech Corporal for "A" Squadron.

    It was very distinctive, as you can see below, and just to be different, in the 4th QOH even a lance corporal wore two stripes so the only way you could tell a "full" corporal was the arm badge immediately above his stripes.

    When I got de-mobbed at York in 1947 I stupidly forgot to remove and retain my own badge and only today I GOOGLED Arm Badge, 4th QOH and found a copy online valued at £50.00 !

    I didn't buy it but thought "That'll teach me !" Arm Badge Corporals & avove 4th QOH.JPG

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    Got my Dad to talk about the war!
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    As a child, I was surrounded by the veterans of The Great War, WW2 and Korea.

    I wish I could have thanked them all for their sacrifice. Bless them for our freedom.

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    Gone to school
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