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    Main page (youtube): Heroes of the Second World War

    Youtube Videos section: Heroes of the Second World War

    Some associated links:

    Heroes Of The Second World War : World War II Veteran Video Interviews

    Heroes Of The Second World War : About Us

    And an ITN interview (Published on 8 Oct 2018)

    American filmmaker on mission to interview World War Two veterans | ITV News

    "A young American filmmaker (Rishi Sharma) is travelling across the country (UK) to capture the memories of the dwindling band of veterans who fought in the second world war."

    Which I recently saw mentioned on: The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1939-1945
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    There is also a short (1min 50secs or so) audio clip here from the BBC World Service:
    BBC World Service - Newsday - Jimmy and Jack: One of many WWII stories collected by Rishi Sharma

    "Twenty year old Rishi Sharma has taken on a huge project - to interview as many World War II veterans while it is still possible. He started while still in high school, after realising that he could speak first hand to people who had lived through a period of history which fascinated him. So far Rishi has spoken to 870 former service personnel for his website

    Newsday asked him which story is particularly poignant for him. He told us about Jimmy and Jack Krebs, two brothers who went to war together
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    There was a short interview with Rishi on Sky News this morning with broadcaster Kay Burley. He said to date he'd interviewed 1,000 veterans.

    What a wonderful task he's got himself involved with. And on watching his interview this morning you could see that he is really from the heart. Well done him.
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