The where abouts of Field Marshall Montgomery in August 1944.

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    Hoping you guys can help me.

    I have recently discovered that the 7th armoured division passed through our village, Lyons La Forêt, on August 30th or 31st 1944. Knowing that the 7th armoured division was also called Monty's Boys I was wondering if Monty was with them at the time. Does anyone have a copy of his diiary for that day?
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    According to 'The Lonely Leader' - Monty 1944-1945 (Alistair Horne with David Montgomery), his TAC HQ moved to Fontaine on 30 August 1944, moving again to Dangu on 1 September 1944.

    I believe they were based in the grounds of a chateau that had a few days before been a Luftwaffe HQ. It was based on a wooded escarpment overlooking the Eure Valley.

    Monty apparently and unusually stayed in all day on the 31 August 1944 and again, unusually, occupied the 'house', as he was required to give sittings to James Gunn the new court painter.
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    What was his route after September 1st? Was he in my area at all. Vernon is only about 45 mins by car from where I live. Dangu is only about 20 miles from where our village is and I am wondering which direction he would have gone after Septemebr 1st.
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    According to the same book, Monty's TAC HQ moved to Conty on 3 September, Saulty on 4 September and Houtaing (Belgium) on 6 September 1944.

    I have not checked to see if he was out and about on those day though...
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    Update on my previous post:

    TAC HQ at Dangu was in the grounds of the Pozzo di Borgo Chateau.

    At Conty it was in a pleasant water meadow amid empty countryside.

    At Saulty it was in the grounds of the chateau there; which as you probably know is on the outskirts of Arras.

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