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    Impossible to answer with any clarity. To subjective and to many variables
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    My dad used to call "what if"........"Hindsight with no Foresight", a waste of good pencil & paper.
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    I can understand that thought, but I would add that exploring WI's helps explain and inform how and why certain orders etc were issued, and gives a very clear picture about how close certain events were from turning out 100% different to there actual conclusion.

    Any good WI must have clear and attainable guidelines, otherwise evry WI would include UFO's etc
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    So true.

    I did say my father, not me.

    I love exploring the WI scenarios without the assistance of hindsight.

    The post I made yesterday in the North Africa section borders on this. If Rommel's first attack to Tobruk succeeded what would have been the outcome. (Surprising for a few I would expect).

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