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    This is promising to be a good blog someones putting together. It looks like a work in progress, looks like theyre documenting the war on a day by day basis day by day

    Wednesday 23rd August
    • Germany signs a pact of Non-agression with Russia signed by Molotov and Ribbentrop in the presence of Stalin
    • Sir Neville Henderson, British Ambassador to Germany, delivers a message to Hitler from the British Government and a personal letter from the Primeminister
    • King Leopold of Belgium broadcasts an appeal for peace on behalf of seven smaller countries
    Thursday 24th August
    • The King arrives in London to hold a Privy Council meeting
    • Parliament passes the Emergency Powers (Defence) Act
    • President Roosevelt sends an appeal to King Victor Emmanuel urging a peace conference
    • The Pope broadcasts an appeal for peace
    • Von Ribbentrop returns from Moscow to see Hitler
    • British subjects warned to leave Germany
    • Herr Forster proclaims himself head of the State of Danzig
    loads more here:
    War Diary 23rd August – 3rd September | WW2 Memories
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    I'm sure they are a member of this forum.
    I know it's been mentioned before, I can't find the thread at the moment.
  3. Ron Goldstein

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    Had a look at the site and like the concept but found it a little disconcerting because the Year was not shown.

    I went back to the Home page but still the same.

    I appreciate it's a work in progress but perhaps someone could mention it to the author ?

  4. pauldawn

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    hi ron

    ive just looked at the site again. it looks like someone heard you, the dates are now added. Theyre looking for contributions from old "vets". looks like another good resource for those with a story to tell to have them recorded.

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