The War Amps

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    War Amps is also a great resource covering Canadian history during WW2.
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    couldn't agree more as I send them my $100 per annum as they do such great job with all amputees including sadly' very young

    children- they also produce many DVD's of the war which are way better than many I have seen- in return they send me Address labels

    of which I have hundreds…do try their DVDs- especially Italy….

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    I was reminded as I sent in my own donation Tom.
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    good day canuck, war amps.thank you for sharing these video's,about these war hero's,regards bernard85
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    I am more than happy to write a cheque to this great non-profit every year.


    The War Amps
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    I have the key tag affixed to both house and car keys. A great Canadian charity still going strong.
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