The value of medals (Antiques Roadshow)

Discussion in 'General' started by SteveDee, Jul 22, 2019.

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    Had me hopping up to check dates, as I thought he'd said 23rd April 1918 (which as most know is TWO DAYS AFTER he had been killed on 21st April 1918). Listening again, he clearly says 23rd April 1917..... MvR's 47th victory over B.E.2f Serial A3168.
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    We thought that bloke cheated.
    Didn't at all mention that they were particularly interesting medals by virtue of awardee.
    Isn't the normal price for such a pair somewhere around twenty quid?
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    Have not watched it. But if we are talking a pair of WW1 medals, British War Medal and Victory medal, then to a straight forward line regiment, non-casualty, non-gallantry recipient etc. £35-40 for the two.
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    £20 - £40 I would estimate - he did mention that the DFC was non attributed so effectively drops the value.

  6. Vintage Wargaming

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    I think his point was that back in the 1970s without the internet it would have been extremely difficult to find out the recipient’s story. The increase in value has been due to this. He didn’t know the story when he bought them and so for the item on the programme the starting value was what they were worth then without knowing the significance of the recipient.
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    Back in the 1970's Drew had to visit TNA for files like that on his bicycle - he wasnt old enough for a motorbike license at that point so everything took a little longer, but I am sure he would have copied the file if asked

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