The Two Types publication history?

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    I should have done a little more reading before buying a copy online, but I am now the owner of a copy of what looks like the original The Two Types compilation. Apparently my copy once belonged to (written on the upper right corner of the front!) Gunner Holt of A Troop, 93rd Battery, 70th Med Reg't RA. (C.M.F.?)

    Anyway, I gather that what I now own is not the complete collection of comics. What, if anything, is a complete collection and when was it last printed?

    I feel like maybe this should be in an archive somewhere... I am going to at least put it in a plastic bag like one uses to protect comics. I might see if the Canadian War Museum would like this as it is rather fragile.
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    Central Mediterranean Forces (CMF)
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    A second collection 'Two Types in Italy' was also published.
    I don't know how comprehensive the original is, it may just be a 'best of'.

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    There was a book published, in the 70's I think, called the Complete Two Types and it was edited by Jon. Here it is on Amazon...

    Jon's Complete Two Types (Cartoon library): Jon Philpin-Jones: Books

    The two booklets are either late war or immediately post war, (can't remember which now) but then the first "Two Types" cartoon didn't appear in print until July 1944 when they appeared in the "Eighth Army News". Soon after they were also appearing in "Union Jack", "Soldier" and the Sunday Services paper "The Crusader", followed by syndication in "The Daily Express". Jon 'drew only some three hundred "Two Types" cartoons between 1943 and 1946, but over a million copies of the wartime collections were printed. The two booklets were an attempt to pull together all of the material which had originally appeared in the forces newspapers but I'm not sure how complete they were. I'm sure though that if you have both booklets and the book from Amazon you will have it all covered. As I say over a million copies of the Booklets were published so don't pay too much for them on eBay, they are very nice to have but they're not exactly rare either.
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  5. Seroster

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    Thanks, OG!
  6. Seroster

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    P.S. I think, from the text in it, that the first booklet was published before the end of the war.

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