The Strange World of Gurney Slade

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    Starring Anthony Newley, its six episodes appeared on ITV in late 1960. The opening part of episode 2 is set on an abandoned airfield, possibly in Kent, as all of episode 3 looks to have been filmed there.

    Any suggestions as to which airfield it was?

    IMG_6510 (2).JPG

    IMG_6511 (2).JPG
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    Not Manston ? That was always in use
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    Yes, it was in use in 1960, but thanks.

    Other than the building on the horizon in the first photo, and the two in the second, the only other structure I could see onscreen was what looked like a Nissen hut. I think it's best if I withdraw the suggestion that this might be in Kent, as it looks like it was filmed at a different time of year to the next episode.

    The photo below shows Newley standing in the same area as in the second photo, but this view is looking across the runway to the other side. As this series was released on Blu-ray last year with a large booklet "which provides every piece of Gurney Slade trivia you could ever need," the answer will hopefully be in there.

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    Can't help with the location, but as a suggestion, there's the Britmovie website whish has some very knowledgeable people as members. Might be worth joining to ask there.
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    I bought the series on DVD, with the booklet mentioned above, and also a complete book about the series (yes, really!) but amazingly neither of these otherwise well-informed works gives the location. That sharp curve shown in one of the photos doesn't look much like a runway to me, and I'm wondering if it might in fact be a disused motor racing circuit.

    I've tried twice to contact Anneke Wills, who must know where it was, but sadly haven't had a reply.
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    Scouring the web has turned up a 2011 interview with Anneke Wills, in which she said she thought the airfield was somewhere in Suffolk. She says they were all taken there by bus.

    Here's the link:

    Anneke Wills interview

    This only narrows it down a bit, as Suffolk is covered in old airfields. I've looked at some pictures of old Suffolk airfields, and Knettishall looks possible, but by no means certain.
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