The Story of the RASC 1939-45

Discussion in 'RASC' started by Richard Smith, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Member

    Managed to find a copy of this elusive volume ... impressed to see the version I had was first taken out of the library in 1959.

    "Handle with care" I think!

    Spine - Story of the RAC 39-45.jpg

    LoanRecord - Story of the RASC 39-45.jpg
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  2. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Well done Richard

  3. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member

    PCL is a brilliant library for military books.

  4. hutt

    hutt Member

    I purchased one a few months ago, pretty good condition and has a couple of 'stamps' with a former owners details, a Colonel Harold Finch. It cost me over £50 but its in good hands. At some point I'll get round to reading it from cover to cover. Over 700 pages with the roll of honor alone spread over 59 pages. Lots of photos including, for Frank, a couple of Hove Dump at Cassino.
  5. minden1759

    minden1759 Senior Member

    Cor, I would love to the Hove Dump ones.


  6. d
    Do you sell this book?
  7. Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Member

    No I don't - it's not mine to sell (library copy).
  8. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith Junior Member

    Mine came from the Sandeman Library in Perth, unfortunately there are no stamps. A great source of information.
  9. Aaron Culley

    Aaron Culley New Member

    Does the book contain anything about 28 station transport company (251 company) of so I will pick myself up a copy
  10. Rob Steele

    Rob Steele New Member

    Hi, can you tell me if any of the following Companies are referred to in the book: 146 Motor Company, 6 Motor Coach Company, 30 Troop Carrying Co., 215 Troop Carrying Co., 262 Troop Carrying Co. and 11 Bulk Petrol Transport Co. I'm having great difficulty finding much information about these companies that my father served with. Thanks in advance, Rob

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