The Silent Generation

Discussion in 'User Introductions' started by Tommyd, Jun 12, 2019.

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    Hello WW2Talk members,

    I just wanted to introduce myself and my new project called The Silent Generation.
    My name is Tom and my grandfather, now 94 is a veteran having served in the Rifle Brigade - he has just started opening up about his experiences and our conversations have inspired me to start The Silent Generation project which hopes to encourage the talented generation of social media story-tellers, to grab their smartphones and sit down with their grandparents and great grandparents to document their stories, memories and reflections.

    I am starting to feature some of the stories (including my Grandfather) on the website and am looking for anyone who might like to contribute to the project to submit a video. My hope is that we can help to connect two generations as well as document important social history through the power of social media.

    Thanks and I hope you don't mind me spreading the word about this project on this valuable forum.

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