The Sherwood Rangers in February 1945

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    Hi all,

    Just looking for information and associations with the Sherwood Rangers in February 1945

    For a lot of which they seem to have been in "Operation Veritable"

    Footnotes for which are:

    1. First Canadian Army losses from "8 February ... [to] ... 10 March were ... 1,049 officers and 14,585 other ranks; the majority of these were British soldiers". Canadian losses amounted to 379 officers and 4,925 other ranks, the vast majority being lost during Operation Blockbuster. Total allied losses in Operations Veritable/Blockbuster and Grenade amounted to 22,934 men.[1]
    2. Canadian First Army captured 22,239 prisoners during the operation, and the intelligence section estimated the number of German soldiers killed or made "long-term wounded" to have amounted to 22,000 men. In conjunction with Operation Grenade, the combined allied effort inflicted approximately 90,000 casualties on the German army

    And do get a small ref in here: :

    On 22 February, once clear of the Reichswald (German, Imperial Forest), and with the towns of Kleve and Goch in their control, the offensive was renewed as Blockbuster and linked up with the US 9th Army near Geldern on 4 March.[2]

    1. "Geilenkirchen to the Rhine". A Short History of the 8th Armoured Brigade. 2000. Retrieved 26 May 2009.




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  2. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    The Sherwood Rangers in February 1945 - Links

    51st Highland Division - Operation Veritable - Reichswald (with map) : Reichswald and Operation Veritable, Holland, February 1945 | 51st Highland Division

    51st Highland Division - Operation Veritable - The Plan : Operation Veritable - The Plan, Reichswald, Feb 1945 | 51st Highland Division

    51st Highland Division - Capture of Goch and concluding stages of Operation Veritable Goch, Reichswald, 20th - 28th Feb 1945 : Capture of Goch and concluding stages of Operation Veritable | Account | 51st Highland Division Website

    A Short History of the 8th Armoured Brigade: The 8TH ARMOURED BRIGADE

    IWM for Goch: Imperial War Museums

    IWM for Kleve: Imperial War Museums

    WW2talk threads

    The SRY in NWE: Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry (SRY) in North West Europe

    The SRY in Jan 1945: The Sherwood Rangers in January 1945

    The SRY in Mar 1945: The Sherwood Rangers in March 1945

    VERITABLE: 15th Scottish & 43rd Wessex Divisions in the Reichswald battle (Feb 1945)


    The Rhineland Campaign (8th Feb-10th Mar): War II Europe/WWIIEurope76Combined.gif

    The Rhineland Campaign (11th Mar-21st Mar): War II Europe/WWIIEurope77Combined.gif

    Operation Veritable - The Rhineland Campaign:
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    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    The Sherwood Rangers in February 1945 - Events

    Thursday 1st February 1945 - Meanwhile elsewhere - US army attack on Siegfried Line

    Friday 2nd February 1945 - The SRY moved from the Moll area to Grave. 13/18 Hussars moved to Moll where the remainder of the 8th Armoured Brigade also were.

    Saturday 3rd February 1945 - 4/7th RDG moved from Moll to Eindhoven area and 13/18 Hussars moved to Grave to support in the opening phase of Operation Veritable.

    Sunday 4th February 1945 - Meanwhile elsewhere - start of the Yalta conference to discuss the final stage of the war.

    Monday 5th February 1945 - Meanwhile elsewhere - US troops under MacArthur enter Manilla.

    Thursday 8th February 1945 - Start of Operation Veritable (Beginning with wide-scale allied air attacks) : And Sherwood Rangers tanks were fighting German SP's around Kleve.
    Great thread by "stolpi" on Veritable here:

    Friday 9th February 1945 - Germany destroys the Rhur Dam. Allied capture of Kleve. The devastated town of Kleve after capture: ROYAL AIR FORCE BOMBER COMMAND, 1942-1945. (C 4965)

    Saturday 10th February 1945 - Infantry of 2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 15th (Scottish) Division, dug in outside Kleve in the Reichswald, 10 February 1945 : THE BRITISH ARMY IN NORTH-WEST EUROPE 1944-45 (B 14480) & clearing Hekkens (during Operation Veritable) : Hekkens, Reichswald, Feb 1945 | 51st Highland Division

    Sunday 11th February 1945 - Meanwhile elsewhere - the Yalta agreement is signed.

    Monday 12th February 1945 - "A" squadron SRY clearing a wood with infantry nr. Kleve. "B" squadron SRY remained in Kleve. "C" squadron SRY moves to road nr. wood captured earlier by "B".
    Churchill tanks drive along a badly damaged street in Kleve, Germany, 12 February 1945 : THE CAMPAIGN IN NORTH WEST EUROPE 1944-45 (B 14513)

    Tuesday 13th February 1945 - SRY reports fairly heavy opposition 4 tanks lost, 3KIA and 7WIA.

    - Meanwhile elsewhere - Allied bombing of Dresden and USSR captures Budapest.

    Wednesday 14th February 1945 - Recce troop SRY 2KIA and 2WIA reported.

    Friday 16th February 1945 - Sherman Firefly tanks move through the ruins of Kleve on their way to support the attack on Goch, Germany, 16 February 1945 : BATTLE FOR THE RHINELAND PART 2: OPERATION VERITABLE - FROM KLEVE TO GOCH [Main Title] (DRA 1562)

    - Meanwhile elsewhere - Venezuela declares war on Nazi Germany

    Saturday 17th February 1945 - SRY day spent in maintenance of tanks.

    Sunday 18th February 1945 - SRY in Goch area.

    Monday 19th February 1945 - Meanwhile elsewhere - US marines raise the US flag on Mount Suribachi in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

    Tuesday 20th February 1945 - SRY in Goch area training and preparing for advance on Weeze.

    Wednesday 21st February 1945 - British army captures Goch and moves south of there:

    Thursday 22nd February 1945 - Start of Operation Blockbuster :

    Friday 23rd February 1945 - Meanwhile elsewhere - Operation Grenade - US 9th Army cross the Roer :

    Saturday 24th February 1945 - Start of "Operation Leek" - The intention being to drive southeast astride the river Niers to capture Weeze.

    Sunday 25th February 1945 - Meanwhile elsewhere - Turkey declares war on Germany

    Monday 26th February 1945 - Allied capture of Kerkenhof (just to the west of Weeze)

    Wednesday 28th February 1945 - At 0500hrs the SRY moved south from Kleves to Goch and helped to clear woods of enemy opposition nr. Weeze.

    Subsequent events: The Sherwood Rangers in March 1945

    A Short History of the 8th Armoured Brigade: The 8TH ARMOURED BRIGADE
    History of the 51st Highland division : Capture of Goch and concluding stages of Operation Veritable | Account | 51st Highland Division Website

    Thursday 1st March 1945 - The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry and 12th Battalion The King’s Royal Rifle Corps having rejoined, a further assault upon the Weeze defences was launched supported by flame-throwing tanks. By dark the town was surrounded on three sides and during the night patrols entered the outskirts.

    Friday 2nd Mach 1945 - By 1000 hours information came that the town of Weeze had been evacuated which, coupled with the news of the, rapid American advance Northeast from the Roer, gave grounds for belief that the enemy were pulling out completely. The Corps Commander arrived at Brigade H.Q. a few minutes later and gave permission for the 8th Armoured Brigade to follow up with all speed....

    Sunday 4th March 1945 - Winston Churchill and Field Marshal Montgomery visit the allied troops at Goch and indicate that the next operation would involve crossing the Rhine.

    Saturday 24th March 1945 - Operation Plunder (The crossing of the Rhine):
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  4. Ramiles

    Ramiles Researching 9th Lancers, 24th L and SRY

    This from 25th February 1945...

    7880500 Sgt.B.Symes
    Sherwood Rangers


    My dear Phyl,

    This evening we have been listening to the fight between Nel Tarleton and Al Phillips. It was good listening and we enjoyed every round of it. I ran a book and had bets total 25 Guilders on Nel Talerton and 40 Guilders on Phillips so I cleared 15 Guilders. There were eight of us listening and I don’t know that we weren’t as excited as the commentator. It was so amazing, to think Tarlerton is 39.

    I expected a letter this evening but the post was small so I expect it was just the sweepings.

    By the news there is an extraordinary lot of bombers over Germany recently. I wonder they can tolerate it. What relief it will be for everyone when it is finished. It is hard to understand why they…

    P2…don’t make some sort of effort to overthrow their maniac bosses before their whole country is reduced to ruins.

    We had three bottles of whiskey and one and a half of gin, six of us saw them off in three evenings, quite comfortably.

    I have written and posted a letter to Rob.

    The news that Turkey has declared war on Germany has just been given. If nothing else they will upset the German morale and they can put in a million men which is something, at least to overrun the country. We shall have to wait and see where they strike. I believe they have some German Tiger tanks, Tigers V. Tigers should be a good fight.

    I have just been grinding some coffee, it smells a treat. One of the boys went…

    …on leave and brought some back ready ground but it’s not as good.

    That reminds me, in the Times there was a letter that puts over the case for leave very well, we are all pleased with it, it’s a pity it wasn’t written before. I’ll enclose it if I remember.

    The housing business in Parliament would be amusing if it didn’t show how we are still in the hands of the people with money. They had better get a move on or we shall be seeing thousands of old shacks being put up by everyone who has a piece of land.

    I hope the parcel has arrived. The radio is playing Dream Lover, nice too.

    I haven’t posted the stamp album, it’s not worth it.

    I have tried to get a pair of shoes but although there are a few places I haven’t yet succeeded, but it won’t be for the want of trying.

    By the way I have about £15 in credit so if I can get a form I’ll get it sent.

    How are you managing to clothe our Janet? Hope she is OK. Don’t worry about Rob, just warn him he’ll have an uphill journey with me if he doesn’t alter for the better. He wants someone to interest him and give him an outlet for his energies.

    That’s the lot for this time my dear. So I’ll send a kiss to Rob and Janet and some to you my sweet from your loving husband Ben.
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