The Sherman Tank what an amazing vehicle!!

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    You're right, Chris. Thanks

    And an M1, as you said, vs M1A1 with soft cab and squared off fenders. Good job!
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    M4 Sherman "Hurricane" (Nº3033967), 'H' Company, 66th Armored Regiment, 2nd U.S. Armored Division, having a Continental R-975-C4 engine change at a repair depot near the front lines, Le Teilleul, Normandy, 16th August 1944. During 'Operation Cobra', a Ward LaFrance / Kenworth Heavy Wrecker M1 / M1A1 pulls the radial engine from a 2nd Armored Division M4 Sherman tank.

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    Amazing. Sounds like a sports car. Once he figures out the clutch, that is,

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  4. Chris C

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    Multiple different models of Sherman as I saw them at TankFest :) Plus a Stuart.

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    Sherman tank reference at 3:30 :)

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    "Why the Sherman was what it was"

    Saw this on You Tube:

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    A short clip showing a Sherman used in salvaging the U.S.S. "Samtampa" for scrap metal 1948.


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  8. 3yes

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    Good day ,need help here,does anybody has info or knowledge if the sherman m4a3 variant was used in thE Philippines during ww2?thanks
  9. Ewen Scott

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    The M4A3 became the US Army Sherman of choice in 1944 but priority was given to units in Europe with deployment from approx August 1944.
    The Sherman Minutia website has a photo of M4A3(75)W set to be shipped from Marseilles to the Pacific in June 1945 and another of an Ordnance Depot in Manila in August 1945 with approx 40 M4A3(75)W HVSS awaiting allocation to units. Whether this variant found its way to combat units before VJ Day I'm not sure. The same site notes that no M4A3(76) were used in combat in the Pacific Theatre. All the photos I've seen of combat units in the Philippines feature M4A1s and M4 Composites. The same website has a photo of M4 Composite & M4A1(75) in Manila tank depots around the same time.

    The planned equipment for the Tank Battalions in Operation Olympic & Coronet was supposed to include 2 companies of M4A3(76) HVSS.

    The M4A3 was used by the Marine Corps Tank Batts on Okinawa, in particular the 6th and 1st, the latter as replacements for lost M4A2s.

    Sherman minutia homepage
    Chicago Boyz » Blog Archive » History Friday: Secrets of the Pacific Warfare Board — Pershing Tanks for Operation Olympic

    Also might be worthwhile taking a look through some of the pages on this site to see what you can turn up.
    The Sherman Tank Site | The place for all things Sherman Tank, By Jeeps_Guns_Tanks
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    Thanks for the additional info
  11. Ramiles

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    Fairly recent: (Largely about the often prevalent comparison(s) between the Sherman and various German or Russian WW2 tanks.)
    Published on 18 Sep 2018
    We discuss 5 myths and misconceptions perpetrated by Hollywood movies about world war II era tanks and armor.

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    The Zaloga claim that there were only 3 US encounters with Tigers in Normandy has become the myth that US tanks only encountered Tiger tanks 3 Times in NWE. Have to say the clip is very poorly referenced and makes as many bogus claims as it tries to refute.
  13. Swiper

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    Those vids are trash.

    Even when they get a bit right, they get so much more wrong.

    Quite remarkable.
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    Nicholas is well know fan of the Sherman, He's a Johnny come lately, copying off me. :)

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    "Snow was so deep after this 1950 Thanksgiving storm that Sherman Tanks were used to pull stalled trucks from the streets of Pittsburgh."

    I think the second truck might be a brand new GMC.
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    Saw this one on the Sherman Facebook page today:

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  18. idler

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    I'm spending an inordinate amount of time trying to discern the model...
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    Me too. That solder is in the way.
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    Though not as much time as I spent trying to come up with a clean comment.

    I have learned that 'schurzen' properly translates as 'aprons' rather than 'skirts' so it was a profitable exercise.
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