The Sherman Tank what an amazing vehicle!!

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    You're right, Chris. Thanks

    And an M1, as you said, vs M1A1 with soft cab and squared off fenders. Good job!
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    M4 Sherman "Hurricane" (NÂș3033967), 'H' Company, 66th Armored Regiment, 2nd U.S. Armored Division, having a Continental R-975-C4 engine change at a repair depot near the front lines, Le Teilleul, Normandy, 16th August 1944. During 'Operation Cobra', a Ward LaFrance / Kenworth Heavy Wrecker M1 / M1A1 pulls the radial engine from a 2nd Armored Division M4 Sherman tank.

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    Amazing. Sounds like a sports car. Once he figures out the clutch, that is,

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    Multiple different models of Sherman as I saw them at TankFest :) Plus a Stuart.

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    Sherman tank reference at 3:30 :)

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    "Why the Sherman was what it was"

    Saw this on You Tube:

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    A short clip showing a Sherman used in salvaging the U.S.S. "Samtampa" for scrap metal 1948.


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    Good day ,need help here,does anybody has info or knowledge if the sherman m4a3 variant was used in thE Philippines during ww2?thanks

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