The sartorial elegance of the British officer on campaign

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    Fourth from the left, kneeling on the ground, looks like a typical Eton graduate.

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    I'm not really sure where this belongs. We don't seem to have an officer's private purchase thread.

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    It could have easily gone in the pith helmets thread, but no vehicle.
    British Indian army?
    All the key boxes ticked: Pith, cane, magnificently deployed shorts and puttees etc., and I'm hoping that bulge in the pocket is a massive and casually carried revolver... Or maybe even some filthy postcards.

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    ...although shame about all those creases in the shorts, old boy.
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    The tradition continued into the 1980s. The red/blue side hats were worn by some units in WW2, as per the CBO office in Tunisia with the RAF Officer in shorts.

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    Officer's pullovers in the Middle East. Even then they couldn't agree on pocket flaps !
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    Thought this might qualify.......
    Loopy escorting Churchill (from Loopy's memoirs)
    Ron Loopy (from his memoirs(.JPG
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