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    There are copies of the wire, which is the sigs magazine all the way back to the 1920's, there are a couple from 40 and 41 which make interesting reading
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    Any reference in the WIRE about Signals & Special Duties or Auxiliary Units?
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    Auxiliary Units Signals, June 1999, pp 276-278.
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    The WIRE

    Please could anyone scan these three pages for me
    Auxiliary Units Signals, June 1999, pp 276-278.

    Thank you
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    Hi Drew, I am doing some research into my wife's Grandfather, Leslie Rogers who served in 3Coy 78th Divisional Signals during, WW2 service No: 233553 He served between 1940 and 1946 I have no information to his movements during this time, could you point me in the right direction please.

    Regards Stephen Burke
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    Hi All, I am trying to trace the movements of my wife's grandfather, 2335538 L/Sgt Leslie Rogers who served in 3 coy 78th Divisional Signals, he enlisted in Prestatyn on 7th March 1939 and served until 1946. He was a very quiet and reserved man standing only 5ft 3in, but had an air of self confidence and nothing ever fazed him. I never heard him mention his exploits but I know he was at Monte Cassino. Any help would be really appreciated.

    Regards Stephen Burke
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    Hello Stephen
    you need to apply for his service records Get a copy of military service records
    You will not find them anywhere else.
    once you have them then a couple of members on here offer a copy service from Kew where you can find the relevant war diaries.
    Start a new thread here Searching for Someone & Military Genealogy

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    Hi thanks for your reply, I applied for a copy of his service records about a year ago, i haven't heard anything from them, maybe there is a delay due the present situation. I wrote to them again recently so fingers crossed.
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    78 Inf Div were at the Third and Fourth Battles of Cassino. They would have been at the Second Battle but were unable to cross the Apennines from the Adriatic side because of the snow and had to follow later.

    Units from the Division held the high ground in front of and behind the monastery towards the tail end of the Third Battle and were the XIII (British) Corps reserve for the Fourth Battle before passing through 4 Inf Div and taking the lead along Route 6 towards Piedmontese San Germano.

    The best way to follow 78 Inf Div is to go to Richard O’Sullivan’s superb website. 38 Inf Bde were part of 78 Inf Div so you can easily follow the Div’s journey in Italy.


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    Thanks Frank, that's great.

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