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Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Derek Barton, Jun 9, 2013.

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    See this thread.
    How to Start a new Thread / Edit Post / Upload Image | WW2Talk
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    Hello Owen, Thank you for your information. I did have a reply from “Idler” but it seems to have disappeared now. When I saw on the home page a small window “Introduce yourself”, I thought I would then see something like “New Member introduction” wherein one could place a short note perhaps such as Name, Interests, Military Experience?, Residence (County/State/Province only). I am a member of the British & Commonwealth Badge Forum and have written a number of posts there. I do hope to master the way this forum is laid out and if possible, I hope to contribute as well as learn. Thank you again for your reply. Oh, and By The Way, I am a Gunner. First, as a Gnr/Dvr in the RAF Regt. (37 Sqn. L.A.A.), with a Bofors L/70 40mm. Then as a Bdr in 300 Regt. RA (TA). All of course before emigrating to Canada in 1965. Thank you again for answering my original post. David Jeffrey.
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    I've probably been 'moderated' by the bast... Oh - no, I'm still there on page 1!
    As I said, they're very helpful.
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    There is a place to introduce yourself.
    You can start a thread there.
    User Introductions

    I didn't remove Idler's reply. As he says it's still there in page 1.

    I did merge your 2 posts.
    One you quoted Derek but you didn't reply in the same post.
    The other was your message.
    I combined the 2.
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    Thank you Owen. I believe I will have to excuse myself as an absolute “Klutz”. I went to “User Introductions” and as before, cannot find any place to put the information! I realize that it is not mandatory, But I always feel that when engaged in any meaningful dialogue, it helps others to determine where you’re coming from. So from here on in, I will continue to just monitor the forum and hopefully, will get the hang of how it works. Thank you again for responding to this Octogenarian’s ramblings. David J.
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    Hello David,
    It's probably worth saying that posting new information on old threads is encouraged round here, so if you want to add to - or correct - anything you find, please do.
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