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Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by Marina, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Marina

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    The programme was utterly chilling. I liked the way the programme makers used real film of inmates rather than trying to make up actors to look the part. Among all the horror, one thing that stays with me is the mindless spite and hatred of the Germans departing the camp taking her time to sabotage the 'Human laundry' water supply.
  2. djcrtoye

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    I liked how,the utter disdain that the British soldiers held the Germans in , it was what are you doing here. It was like we are here cleaning up your mess and you are continueing to act if nothing has happened. Also the way the doctors were banging their heads against brick walls in getting equipment etc, and you're shouting at the tv for the allies to get their fingers out and help. I'll be watching it again this time with my eldest daughter to see her reaction.
  3. 51highland

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    Lt Gonin, he was just known as Doctor Gonin in Ipswich, was said to be a un-sympathetic and abrupt doctor to his patients in his practice. After seeing that, I can understand why. I knew he had been at Belsen but did not realise he was a Lt-Col. He was also the doctor that any service personnel on leave, in the Ipswich area, after the war, had to see if they were trying to get extra days leave by throwing a 'sicky'. Rumour has it you had to be hospitalised to succeed.
  4. Marina

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    Ah - some good soul has corrected my typo. Thank you!
  5. von Poop

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    I can't make head or tail of Channel 4's online listings, does anyone know if it's repeated soon?

  6. Gibbo

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    I can't find any mention of it but such programmes usually appear on More 4 quite quickly but generally not Channel 4 itself, which is fine if you have Freeview, Cable or Sky.
  7. harribobs

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    exceptional production and riveting viewing!
  8. kfz

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    Has anyone got the Channel 4 Video on Demand to work yet? I keep getting error messages downloading

  9. sapper

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    I am surprised that anyone thought it a realistic documentary. I thought it absolute rubbish. The troops did not have the faintest likeness to real soldiers. They showed very little of the "proper" Belsen. It was so bad, that at times it was quite honestly laughable.... The Soldiers did not even know how to put their hats on. The whole thing was as unrealistic as it is possible to get.

    Then they attempted to bring in "Romance" OH for Gods sake! They showed nothing of the real Belsen. So in that sense... for me it was pathetic and muddled.
    One thing is for sure.. it bears as much resemblance to the real Belsen as chalk and cheese!

    When I recall the piratical crew that we were, and when I looked at what they portrayed as SOLDIERS? I am aghast. As to Belsen? Farcical. I was very disappointed and it seems they missed a golden opportunity to reveal the true horror of BELSEN,

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