The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment Museum In Maidstone

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    Housed within Maidstone Museum since 1960, the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regimental Museum charts the long and prestigious history of Maidstone’s local regiment from its foundations in 1756 to its amalgamation in 1961.

    Starting with its forebears, the 50th and 97th Regiment of Foot, the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent (QORWK) Regiment was involved in many of the British Army’s campaigns of the 18th and 19th century as well as the First and Second World Wars. During these campaigns, the Regiment gained a good reputation as hardworking and dependable soldiers.

    The gallery is full of fascinating, colourful and thought-provoking objects such as the Sutlej Gun and the museum’s four Victoria Crosses. The museum focuses on the stories these objects tell and the people at the heart of the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment, making it of interest to military history experts, local people, and interested visitors alike.

    Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regimental Museum | Maidstone Museum

    I was at Maidstone Museum unexpectedly last week (last minute plan), making a witch's hat with Little Miss Fortnum, and I found ten minutes to dash to the regimental museum. I'd hoped to catch the curator, but there was nobody about and the junior staff I did find said that nobody would see me without an appointment--fair enough (I'd hoped to enquire whether they have anything on 6RWK at Cassino...).

    It's a single (cluttered) room for the entire history of the regiment with a small overflow onto the walls outside. I took a series of snapshots just to give the flavour for those considering a visit.

    The larger museum is really very good for a local place, and there's a lot of little gems to find. While I was there there was a Terry Pratchett theme going on with a display of artwork in the gallery and craft workshops for the children.

    (Apologies for the quality of the pictures. I actually left and then had the idea, went back in and took all these in about two minutes before leaving again):

    20180807_113556.jpg 20180807_113610.jpg 20180807_113613.jpg 20180807_113620.jpg 20180807_113645.jpg 20180807_113657.jpg 20180807_113704.jpg 20180807_113709.jpg 20180807_113717.jpg 20180807_113729.jpg 20180807_113732.jpg 20180807_113746.jpg 20180807_113752.jpg 20180807_113805.jpg 20180807_113814.jpg 20180807_113823.jpg
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