The passing of Franklin D Roosevelt (1882 -1945)

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    The death of FDR was a blessing according to Goebbels when the news broke.He was in a euphoric state of mind and conveyed the news to Hitler.

    He told Hitler that the passing was as Frederick the Great's enemies which resulted in German victory....Hitler apparently was impressed and his spirits rose for a few minutes.

    After the July plot of July 1944,Hitler appointed Goebbels as General Plenipotentiary for the Mobilisation of Total War and as such Goebbels believed in final victory to the end.
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    There is (from 1991) : The Transatlantic Duel: Hitler Vs. Roosevelt | AMERICAN HERITAGE

    Which rather downplays Hitler's response.

    "Hitler was already ill and depressed, living underground in the Reich Chancellery bunker, when Goebbels burst in at night on April 12, 1945, with the news that Roosevelt was dead. It was Frederick the Great again, Goebbels exclaimed. Back then it had been Frederick’s enemy, the Tsarina of Russia, who had dropped dead; it was a miracle; the coalition against Prussia would break up; and now it was Roosevelt. A celebration was in order; Goebbels brought champagne. This episode has often been misconstrued. Hitler had indeed been reading Carlyle’s Frederick the Great, but he did not much respond to Goebbels’s enthusiasm. (He also disliked champagne.)"

    I have the DVD of "Downfall" somewhere, but I don't recall at the mo. if Hitler's learning of Roosevelt's death is referenced in there. I might have a look on youtube and see if I can get beyond all of the "Downfall parodies" of "Hitler's rants" ;-)
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    I think that at this stage Hitler was very much under the influence of Goebbels.It was Goebbels who persuaded Hitler to stay in the Chancellery bunker and not depart for the Alpine Redoubt since it may adversely affect the great Hitler legend...the legend had to be maintained.

    In the closing stages of the war as Hitler's inner circle deserted him,Goebbels with his mystical egotism stayed by Hitler's side....a man and his wife who were in love with Hitler, with Goebbels putting pen to paper in his diary as far back as 1926,seeing Hitler as Christ or St John he recorded....."Adolf Hitler... I love you" he wrote, then dedicated his first book to Hitler.


    Regarding the news of FDR's death and Goebbels reaction to it.I think Hugh Trevor Roper's "The Last Days of Hitler" might well be a good source......bedtime read tonight to refresh....if I can lay my hands on it.
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    HTR's account of the events leading to Hitler's death is quite comprehensive being an investigation into the proceedings.The investigation was instructed by British Military Intelligence who HTR was serving with at the time.

    I think that Goebbels had complete control over Hitler towards the end and he had been reading aloud to Hitler,from Goebbels favourite book,Carlyle's History of Frederick the Great.At the touching tale that the Czarina had died brought tears from Hitler.

    The champagne celebration is misquoted as it was Goebbels who decided to break open champagne when told of FDR's death.Apparently he had just returned from the front,a normal practice for him it would out goodies to the troops.He was told of the death on the steps of the Propaganda Ministry as he returned from the front while behind him in light of Berlin blazing he said "Now",bring out our best champagne and lets us have a telephone talk with the Fuehrer." We went into his study and champagne was served. Goebbels spoke to Hitler on his private line, and said,"My Fuehrer,I congratulate you! Roosevelt is dead.It is written in the stars that the second half of April will be the turning point for us.This is Friday,April the 13th,It is the turning point!" Hitler said something to him and then Goebbels put down the receiver.He was in ecstasy.

    This was the account of Frau Inge Haberzettel,a secretary who worked in the same room as Goebbel's personal secretary, Fraueulein Hildebrandt and was reported by Leslie Randall of the Evening Standard who HTR credits.....considered to be an independent source. Schwerin von Krosigk was another source but considered by HTR to be overdrawn on account of Krosigk's fondness of rhetoric and apostrophe.
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