The origin of "Band of Brothers"

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    In 1992, I sat down with Stephen Ambrose and some of the men of Easy Company when Ambrose's book, "Band of Brothers," was being released. If I'd know how many of them would become famous with the HBO series that would come out, I would have spent more time talking to more of them. But this is some of what I heard from them.
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    I assumed that you were going to tell us that the origin of "Band of Brothers" is probably from a book written about the British Recce corps in 1947 called "This Band of Brothers".

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    Interesting. Ambrose has taken a great deal of criticism but he certainly deserves some credit for popularising WW2 history. As a Historian he had a lot of faults but he had a knack for bringing to life the story of the common soldier. Thanks for sharing.
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    Not sure of title of post is a question or statement but the phrase 'band of brothers' was coined by an Elizabethan poet and playwright , one W. Shakespeare, and comes from the play Henry V - the St Crispin's day speech.
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    Here is Kenneth Branagh's version, should be played before any England sporting event.
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    Why would he? The title of the post wasn't "This Band of Brothers."
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    .....and that St Crispins day speech also contains the line about them being 'Warriors for the Working Day' which has been used as the title for a number of books including the one by my Dads 3RTR tank commander Peter Elstob.
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    Watching this every now and again The end scene

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    Never tire of watching this

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