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Discussion in 'General' started by trumpetplayer992, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. trumpetplayer992

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    Hello, here's how this works... you act like you are in WWII... like this..

    *gets promoted to seargent.

    See? I'll start.

    *gets shot by sniper
  2. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun Discharged

    hmmm i have a better idea. If you want to be in the story post your bio. I'll go first


    Rank- LT.

    weapon- M1


    Bio- David is a 21 yr old Lt. who is in john/trumpetplayers platoon. He has a fairly good shot but when in the face of danger he always comes through. He earned the respect of his men during boot camp is a well liked by man of his comrades.

    Theres my bio. It can take part in d-day and you can pick to be a british or american paratrooper. We should have a veteran of this site like gnomey or someone tell the story using 3rd person. In your bio you can be whatever you want. A medic, MG, any rank you want from private to general and any weapon. You can't make yourself a super soldier and you can use high tech weapons like a plasma rifle or something. These are just some of my thoughts, you can improve on the game if you want.

    I can get it started if you want.
  3. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun Discharged

    Lt. David and john went way back to intermediate school. They were best friends. They sat in the plane on june 6th just seconds away from jumping into German occupied france. The red light went on and they all stood up. David nodded at john and called for an equipment check. Soon the green light went on and they were ready to jump. Davids heart was racing as he saw his best friend get near the door ready to jump. Just as john jumped out of the plane an 88 shell exploded knocking john backwards.

    ok thats enough for now, we should ahve a vet of the site finish the rest. If you want to be in the story just add a bio and someone will stick you in.
  4. ErikH

    ErikH Senior Member

    *Wins war single handedly
    *Takes the boat ride home
  5. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun Discharged

    wow thats basiclly what the Americans did in wwII.
  6. trumpetplayer992

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    Name- John Monaco

    Class- Seargent

    Weakness- Losing comrades

    Bio- John was born from a very Irish family. He, since the age of 3, wanted to become a priest. When his own country, America, was pulled into the Second World War, he enlisted into the infantry. After the paptroopers lost a man due to disobideince, John was selected to be a paratrooper. He met up with his best friend from childhood, Lt. David.

    Lt. David and john went way back to intermediate school. They were best friends. They sat in the plane on june 6th just seconds away from jumping into German occupied france. The red light went on and they all stood up. David nodded at john and called for an equipment check. Soon the green light went on and they were ready to jump. Davids heart was racing as he saw his best friend get near the door ready to jump. Just as john jumped out of the plane an 88 shell exploded knocking john backwards.

    He had a bloddy nose, and was fading within his realm of conscicness. He saw David jump out, and heard, "Get the hell out of the plane! AA guns are shooting everywhere!" Suddenly, he felt his leg being grabbed, and John flew out of the plane. Lt. David grabbed his best friend, by the leg, so the John didn't die when the plane exploded. Sure enough, John looked up, and seconds after he was pulled out, the plane blew up. Like a firecracker, shards went everywhere. Pvt. Nolan's body, (he was the only one left on the plane), ripped to pieces, and it was raining blood. John got a drip on his nose, and it flew up with the current of air. John's eyes were filled with the blood of his nose. When he got his vision back to normal, he saw that his paracjute, along with David's went up. They still sped down the skies, and were seperated. David fell to the east, and John to the north. David saw John fall right on AA gun, and then heard a blood-curdiling scream. David cringed, fearing the worst, and fell in water. He surveyed the area, and went to go hook up with John. Running as fast as he could, he saw 3 Germans, who were manning the AA gun in the area, piled up on one another. John was holding his bayonet, cleaning the blood off with a leaf. "Got em," John said.
  7. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun Discharged

    Amazed at johns accomplishment David took out a pen and a scrap piece of paper and wrote down a note to himself, "reccomend sarge for medal of honor". Little did he know extreme acts of bravery like this were going on all over the Norman countryside. David walked over to john who was now sitting down next to the AA gun. "We have to keep moving" David said. "Sorry Lt. It's just that...Nolans body just exploding that like that...it just....scared me. "Yeah me too", said David. John got up and asked David what they had to do next. "Well most importantly we have to find some more men in our unit, there is no way we can take the farmhouse all by ourselves. After some thinking David and John decided they had to go to the farmhouse even though they still coulden't find anyone from their unit. They walked for what seemed like forever before they finally reached the farmhouse. "Well, this is it", said John. They fixed bayonets and charged into the first room of the farmhouse. They coulden't believe their eyes... They saw 7 dead German soldiers and Captian Ryan from their unit along with a group of 5 or so more american soldiers. Half of them were carrying german weapons, john and David had no clue why. "Maybe they forgot their legbag", john whisperd to David. Just as soon as John said that Captian Ryan told David, John and another soldier to go take out a couple of AA guns guns down the road.

    ok now we need someone else to participate in the story as the soldier who goes with me and john to take the aa guns. John can tell the next segment as soon as someone else joins.

    oh and john im guessing your usuing an m1 just like me?
  8. trumpetplayer992

    trumpetplayer992 Senior Member

  9. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun Discharged

    we really need more people to join!
  10. trumpetplayer992

    trumpetplayer992 Senior Member

    yea, I know. Ask people.
  11. Panzerfaust

    Panzerfaust Senior Member

    Name- Hans Keller

    weapon- MG42

    Duty- Russian Front

    Bio- Hans was a world war one ace for germany and has 6 kids and likes to get drunk alot. He is currently fighting alongside the nazis to try to capture the city of Stalingrad. He is working the infantry units.

    Story- Hans has been taken prisoner by the russians and is forced to eat cold meat and rat turds. He wants to escape no more than anything else. But it is nearly impossible. There are soviet everywhere, and the detention camp is heavily guarded. Hans is on the verge of dying from disease due to the exposure of the cold russian weather. He has a plan. He is going to start to dig a hole with his bare hands along with other POWs. They spend about 2 weeks digging without the russian guards noticing. But one day, they find out. Hans kicks one of them in the croch and steals his BAR 1918 and kills the remaning gaurds with 4 bullets left. Now is the perfect time to escape. Right as he's turning the corner down the corridor there's two more soviets, he kills em both with no more ammunition to spare.

    So he does something sneaky, he switches clothes with one of the russians (he knows how to speak russian). And works his way out of the camp by pretending to be a russian guard. His comrades weren't so lucky. They were placed (ass first) on a huge pole with a sharp edge.

    Hans was able to blend into Russian society until the war was over. He even scored with some Ruskie ladies and started a family, and then left them and headed back to Germany after the war was over.
  12. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun Discharged

    hahahaha i laughed so hard. But seriously make a bio for me and johns story, for this paticular story u gotta be american and its johns turn to write the next segment.
  13. trumpetplayer992

    trumpetplayer992 Senior Member

    John met up with David, and smiled. "With all of those Krauts I killed, just with my bayonet, I should be promoted." He walked and sat on a log. "Damn Kraut shot me in the foot." He saw that David had blood all over his boots. "That's Nolan, or what's left of him." As they looked for the rest of the company, they heard German yells. "Du Hejam kifoll a nodder!" they screamed. John rushed over, and saw that they were jeering at a paratrooper who was acught in the tree. Head, bowed, knowing that death was laying upon him, he waited for the bullet. He heard one, but not from the Germans. John and David opened fire at the last minute giving them the suprise. One Kraut had a shocked expression, maybe because he went in his trousers. "God, I'm glad to see you guys," the paratrooper said. he picked up his face, and it was Harry Munroe. "Harry!!" John exclaimed.
  14. trumpetplayer992

    trumpetplayer992 Senior Member

    david... that's what it was like on the russian front. eating rat turds... seriously
  15. trumpetplayer992

    trumpetplayer992 Senior Member

    ok.. anyone else?
  16. Panzerfaust

    Panzerfaust Senior Member

    Name - Charlie Smith

    Occupation - Junior in High School

    Charlie had recently heard that the japs had bombed Pearl Harbor. He was outraged, along with the rest of America. He wanted to join the army no matter what, he was now old enough. He did not fear death. Because he would be an honor to his country, and it would save him the trouble of paying for his pregnant girlfriend. Charlie filled out his application, and sent it to the Army.

    3 months later he was recruitted. And before you knew it he was fighting in the battle of the bulge. Charlie was using a k98 sniper and he snipped out two germs and the americans advanced. Now Charlie was scarred, he needed some sort of drug to make him chill out. So he pulled out a bag of weed and started smoking it.

    Charlie was off in la-la land while gunfire exchanged with gunfire. The Germans were on the run, the americans were advancing, no one noticed charlie. Charlie was so stoned that he day dreamed he slept with all of the playboy playmate models, and boy let me tell you, He got so high he came in his pants.

    Charlie woke up a day later to notice that no one was in sight. Except for Krauts! Ahhh! He was now at a nazi base. There were germans everywhere. Charlie didn't know what to do, how would he escape???

    Ah, he was really using his noggin now. He remembered watching that Popeye Cartoon "Your Sap Mr. Jap" and remembered how popeye ate spinach and got really strong and blow the heads of all the japs. So Charlie did what he say on Popeye, he gobbled down spinach, and DO DA DA Do!

    First he sniped out two germans with 1 bullet to spare. Ran over to their dead bodies, stole both their MG42s and killed 10 more germs. Damn, now he was in trouble a couple of German tanks were headed his way so he pilled up all the dead germans to use them as a defense barrior. He left small space inbetween bodies that he had enough room to operate his MG42.

    Charlie had also found a Grenade, so he threw it at the three tanks. Only one of them blew up. He then remembered a scene from the movie "Elf" that would prove useful for this situation he was in. Since he was strong now, he picked up all the dead germans and threw them at the tanks like a barrage. This put a distraction on them. Then he dashed over to a nearby luftwaffe plane and took off in it.

    He wasn't good at navigation so he landed on some stranded Island. Probably somewheres in the pacific. He was afriad that this island might be a japenese controlled island so he needed to be very careful. To his suprise he found people on the island, they weren't asian, nor german. They were indianish. The chanted "UB, Wa, Wa, Wa, Ub, Wa, Wa, Wa,".

    Charlie raised his finger and they thought he was a god. They all bowed before him. Charlie had asked them where he was. No one said a word, they just kept bowing. As he moved towards them they brought him water. And the indianish woman sat on his lapped and kissed his hand. :D

    Then the people started talking to Charlie. From what charlie could make out of it they wanted him to watch a festival of some sort. Charlie soon found out it was a human sacrificing ceremony!!!! One of the young Indanish girls was going to be thrown into a nearby volcano!

    Charlie Soon raised his finger again, and all the people bowed. He then said "Gaka Meum, Paza Nei a yag ma tugu." Which means "Hold on a minute, Do not sacrifice The young girl."

    He then said "Machageolabta, Beum poopu da achadabu cadz" Which translates "I am your god, obey me, I just want to go home."

    The indianish people soon built him a new airplane since his old one blew up when he was landing on this island. The built it out of sticks and straws, but it was still sufficient enough to get him back to america.

    As a final goodbye to the indianish people Charlie said "OKA TIOBE! GAGAKAETMYO EFFUBA!!!" and they all chanted.

    When Charlie arrived back to the united states he told his story of the war to everyone he could. But when he found out his girlfriend had twins, he killed himself. He asked to be cremated and have his ashes scattered all over Antarctica where he rather be then with his girlfriend.
  17. Run N Gun

    Run N Gun Discharged

    lmao. your gunna get b& if you keep it up.
  18. trumpetplayer992

    trumpetplayer992 Senior Member

    b7! That was offensive. j/k
  19. Kitty

    Kitty Very Senior Member

    No, that was just Panzerfaust.
    Okay, seems i need a sex change and ID crisis to get in this story.
    I am Charles 'Charlie' Ogg. Aged 21. I am Half American through my father, Half English through my mother. I have served with the RAF as a fighter pilot since the age of 18 in 1941. My Spitfire MkXIV has been shot down, and i am now wandering across Normandy looking for some mates to have a good go at the germans with. My weapn of choice is a Browning 9mm because i like to get up close and personal, though i am still a crack shot with any kind of rifle after hunting in Yellowstone and the Scottish Highlands.
    Have a slight Yank accent, but littered with English slang and terms (I know you yanky boys will have fun with that). So count me in for the game!
  20. Panzerfaust

    Panzerfaust Senior Member

    To continue with your story you have started...

    You're at a local bunker with your fellow comrades and with your Browning 9mm. You're comrade smells something funny. He asked "What the hell is that smell Charlie?" You responded "Oh sorry man, I just shat myself with shite." You're comrades give you a funny look, mind you you're all in raging fire hiding in cover in a bunker. "Charlie you rotten English bastard, Stop shite-ing and start sniper out those huns!" You responded "Oh! Never mind the bullocks, let me just enjoy my crumpits before I shite myself again!"

    Your comrades flip you the finger and get back to battle. Before you can operate your Browning you get shot in the arm. You fall back on the ground and all your fellow comrades get shot in the head. Now no one can help you. Is there a medic around? Unlikely, the germans probably killed them all and then raped them, and then ate them.

    Thoughts go through your mind. 'What about those poor Frenchies? If the allied fail this mission there will be no hope left for them...' After spending a decent 2 minutes worrying You finally get yourself back together and start fighting back. You quickly run with a shot arm across the entire beach and start running toward the German garrison.

    The Germans saw you. And shouted to each other "Ach mein Gott! Dort ist ein Brite stück von Scheiße laufen nach uns!" The Germans were starting to go crazy for some reason, the bounced up and down in panic like they had something up their asses. Then you finally reached the bunker and killed them all. And claimed the entire garrison as Allie territory. Then once all the other people arrived at the base You said in all your glory:

    (please note that you have to be really fluent with understanding British slangs to understand what Charlie is about to say.):

    "Why you bunch of AC-DCs! Get all those Alan Whickers out of your arses and start being men! Stop being a bunch of arse-bandits and back me up will ya? We got tons of Krauts to fight ahead of us so stop making baby gravy in your hands and start letting out the baby gravy on the germs! We gotta get to the remaining german bases balls to the wall! All you fat arses out there better stop feeling your bee stings and start helpin me out! We must stop that big cheese Hitler if we ever want to bring order to Europe! And no, When I say this all I am not bladdered!"

    I think this is the best story that anyone has posted yet!

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