The Lower Rhine at war. February - March 1945

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    A new website containing a collection of film footage from the final months of the Second World War is now available.

    More than 60 video clips show the advance of the Allied forces on the Lower Rhine. The focus is on Operations Veritable, Blockbuster and Varsity in February and March 1945.

    The site can be reached at:

    Of course any reactions are welcome.
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    Nice work!
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    All together on one website, great work.

    About the question Major Balfour, i would say it is a doppelganger he looks like him. But i would say the Cap badge is wrong.
    Good moment for a new post.

    Major Balfour Cap Badge Question
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    Great idea, Bedee! Must be some sort of mind reading. That would have been my next post. I will post some of my thoughts later on.

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