The last airfield concert by Glenn Miller.

Discussion in 'General' started by Little Friend, Oct 3, 2018.

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    74 years ago today was the very last airfield concert given by the Glenn Miller Band. This took place within the hangar at King's Cliffe airfield, Northamptonshire. Home to the 20th Fighter Group of the USAAF'S 8th Air Force. While searching for a suitable link to post-up I found this old one of mine that I posted on another forum 6 years ago.

    Glenn Millers last airfield concert.
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    Heard a story once, from a friend, who know Glenn Miller's pilot, said that he was shaving when the news of Miller's disappearance came over the radio... to which he looked out of the window at his plane still sat on the runway...

    Most likely just a conspiracy theory... but interesting wither way...
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    My Mum saw Glenn Miller somewhere in the West End in 1944 when she was in the ATS and billeted in Victoria. I believe that she was a bit of a mover back in the day.

    A few years ago I was watching a ITV morning programme with my Mum, who was then in her 90s, and by chance John Miller, Glenn's nephew, came on and I then decided to drop a note to his website mentioning my Mum's memories of seeing his uncle. A hour or so later, John Miller was on the 'phone to my Mum chatting to her for 10 minutes or so and then later sent her a signed CD... it made my Mum's day.

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