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    Currently (3rd June 2018) on the BBC Iplayer: BBC Radio 4 Extra - Ethel Lina White - The Lady Vanishes

    A train, a missing governess and evil Nazi plans for Europe. All aboard for a gripping ride to adventure.

    Dramatised by Neville Teller from Ethel Lina White's novel 'The Wheel Spins'.

    Starring Renee Ascherson as Miss Froy, Jenny Funnell as Iris, Mark Tandy as Professor Wilberforce, Mark Paton as Maximillan Hare.

    The book was also adapted as a 1938 British thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock

    Director: Andy Jordan

    First broadcast on the BBC World Service in 1999.
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    do people still listen to radio dramas these days?
  3. Seroster

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    I haven't a clue, but there have been some very good drama series via podcast.
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    A sort of similar topic: BBC Radio 4 - Radio 4 in Four - Why listening to books is good for you

    Although as they (BBC) are promoting more of their audio content, perhaps it's "just an advert to get more people to listen to them".

    I was interested though to see that in the BBC audio drama "The Lady Vanishes" the "evil Nazi plans for Europe" were involved. So listened to "see" ;-) (some say the pictures are just "better" ;-).


    It's rather more nuanced in the 1938 film version ;-)

    The Lady Vanishes - Wikipedia

    Though for languages the 1938 film wiki has: Language English, German, French and Italian

    The IMDB shows when this film was released in different countries: The Lady Vanishes (1938) - Release Info - IMDb

    But I don't think it was shown in pre-WW2 Germany according to that.
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