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Discussion in 'Veteran Accounts' started by Ron Goldstein, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran Patron

    In the interests of tidying up my study while I am still here to do it , i have been drastically getting rid of books that I have accumulated over the years and culling my library of every book that is non "WW2 connected"

    As a net result, last week some 70 odd books were collected by a local charity shop and a further 50 odd are sitting in my hall awaiting collection.

    Amongst my WW2 library is the autobiography of my late Sqn. leader one George "Loopy" Kennard, of whom I have written much over the years and one of the photos in the book shows Loopy with Winston Churchill in post-war Germany.

    I decided to do a Youtube search on Hussars and was delighted to find a news-reel shot of Loopy & Churchill in Germany that I had never previously seen and it warmed the proverbial cockles of my heart !

    In the pic of the news-reel shot,Loopy is the sword bearing officer guarding Winston

    Ron Churchill & Loopy.JPG Loopy Kennard with Churchill in Germany.JPG
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  2. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Good to see those.

    One question: did every barracks in Germany look pretty much identical or am I seeing the same couple again and again?
  3. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran Patron

    Wouldn't know !
    I was posted home in Jan '47 in readiness for de-mob and so never got to serve with the Rgt. in Germany.
    Only time my Sqn was in Germany was immediately after cease fire in Italy when we served one month in Ulm..... pause while I find a link :)
    Remembering the first time I stood on German soil.


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  4. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Will read, Ron.

    My maternal grandfather was in Germany 1947-48 with the R.A., but I haven't really spent any time researching that period. I'm not certain that there are any unit diaries for his unit in that period, which makes life more difficult.
  5. dbf

    dbf Moderatrix MOD

    Bluebell Minor or Historic Steve might be able to answer that
    Their BAOR site Barracks

    Nice find Ron.
    Not the same thing, but I remember my heart leaping when I found my father in a youtube (postwar) clip someone posted on here.
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  6. geoff501

    geoff501 Achtung Feind hört mit

    Nice one Ron. We found a photo of wife's father in a book on 12 Para, but he had died a few months before we got a copy of the long out of print book.
    Also found a photo of a Gt Uncle WW1 casualty after the death of an estranged (= scumbag) uncle.
    Serendipity often seems to play a part in my research finding local un-commemorated WW1 soldiers.
    Never give up hope in finding anything.
  7. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran Patron

    Whilst in a reminiscent mood I just have to re-show the letter I received from Loopy after I wrote to him congratulating him on publishing his memoirs.
    Loopy's letter.jpg
  8. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    That's brilliant--the man's character really comes through his writing.

    '7 Days CB' -- Confined to Barracks?
  9. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran Patron

    Spot on !
    CB=Confined to Barracks
    and Yes... Loopy was a super chap who led a most eventful life.
  10. Mike L

    Mike L Very Senior Member

    Great to see that Ron, Loopy sounds like a good guy and a real Gent.
    And Charley - from my very limited experience most German barracks look very much the same because they were pre-war German barracks occupied by Allied forces. Names like Senelager and Fallingbostel spring to mind, which I believe contained very large training ranges and also used the nearby countryside on major exercises.

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