The Home Guard in Ayrshire

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  1. Bazooka Joe

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm interested in the Home Guard in Ayrshire, and wondered if anyone had any information or photos which they could share.

    All I have so far is two photos; one of the Home Guard in Irvine, and one the platoon in Dundonald. Both of these photos show the RSF cap badge and FS cap, but I can't make out the rest of the insignia on either of them.

    I presume that it would have been Home Guard titles, AYR and the battalion number?

    Does anyone know how many battalions there were in the county, and where they where located? I've seen a photo which suggests at least three?

    I've just ordered this book The People's Army: The Home Guard in Scotland 1940-1944: Brian D. Osborne: Books

    Does anyone have any other recommendations?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Swiper

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    I've personally found a wealth of HG information in County Archives, that could well be worth a look but it can be a bit patchy at times.

    Sometimes you'll have a single photograph, but at other times you'll have great details of the make up of individual Battalions down to section level.

    Sadly not sure on HG in Ayrshire specifically, but the above rule should be useful.
  3. Bazooka Joe

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    Thanks Swiper, I might give that a go next time I'm in the area.
  4. wtid45

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    This should be of use ref Ayrshire home guard battalions. West Scotland District, No.3 Zone (Ayrshire), Galloway Area

    1st Ayrshire (Ardrossan), 2nd Ayrshire (Beith), 3rd Ayrshire (Irvine), 4th Ayrshire (Kilmarnock), 5th Ayrshire (Mauchline), 6th Ayrshire (Maybole), 7th Ayrshire (Ayr), 8th Ayrshire (Ardeer), S Carrick Company Home Guard Battalions for 30 June 1944
  5. Bazooka Joe

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    Excellent! That's very useful indeed. Thanks a lot for that wtid45.
  6. wtid45

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    Happy to be of service:)
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  8. aboode

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    I am interested in the names of Pipe Majors of the Home Guard. For Ayrshire I have the following information:
    5th Ayrshire Battalion:
    P/M Hendry, William 1943?
    7th Ayrshire Battalion:
    P/M McGhee, John 1943?
    Were there Pipes & Drums in other Ayrshire Battalions?

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