The Falklands War

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Drew5233, Nov 26, 2009.

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    I think the Argentines' FN rifles were full auto capable and the British ones were not. Not sure though. Any instances of the Brits swapping over to the full auto ones as opportunities arose?
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    By chance, I've literally just read this paragraph:

    SmartSelect_20200125-024511_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Across an Angry Sea
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    Just a quick plug: this Twitter account has just begun a daily recap of the Falklands War (declared 2 April). I thought some of you might be interesting in following along:

    Falklands82 on Twitter
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    I might give this a go CF. Thanks for posting.
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    I know the Veinticinco de Mayo stayed in port during most of the war but I keep thinking Argentina had another carrier that was in Scotland for repairs when the war started but I can't find any info that anything like that ever existed.

    Anyone know of a carrier that was any way connected to the Falklands war that I might be thinking of?
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    Wiki shows they did have two carriers, but the other one was scrapped in 1971. See: List of ships of the Argentine Navy - Wikipedia

    Mark Felton in this 2020 video refers to one carrier: That might account for your post as in the comments some refer to two, but are corrected that one had been scrapped.
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    Right, thanks. I did know about the ARA Independencia but I remember seeing a picture of a carrier in a shipyard in Scotland during the war. It seems I must have been wrong about it being Argentine but do you remember what ship it might have been?
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    I am reasonably sure there was no British carrier in a shipyard, either at Rosyth or on the Clyde. By 1982 the only other European navy with a carrier was the French; given the Free French navy link to the Clyde it is possible there was a visit, either by the Clemenceau or the Foch. Personally I doubt it.

    There are some strange tales that came out of the Falklands War.
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    One of which was that Triumph, then a retired repair ship but still having a flight deck, was surveyed with a view to recommissioning as a Harrier Carrier but this was too expensive/impractical and so she went to the breakers.
  12. Ewen Scott

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    Can’t have been Triumph either. Having been in reserve at Chatham since 1972 she was sold for scrap in 1981 and was towed to Spain in Dec that year. Anyway, as a repair ship there were a number of permanent structures built on her flight deck.

    Bulwark was surveyed at the start of the war. Even though she had only decommissioned in March 1981 it was found that her machinery was in a poor state and fire damage suffered in 1980 had not been fully repaired. So the navy passed on her.

    Steps were begun to bring Tiger and Blake back into service. The plan was to use them as “lily pads” for Sea Harrier ops to either extend the CAP range or to allow them to transit by air from Ascension to the Task Group. I’ve read of both as possibilities. Plans were dropped after the sinking of the Belgrano.
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    Could have been Bulwark then
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    Just had a thought (dangerous I know!). NATO exercises continued as normal with the annual Reforger series in Aug/Sept. One element was MarineCorps landings in Denmark. So it’s probable that at least one Iwo Jima or Tarawa class helicopter carrier was present and maybe stopped off in Scotland at some point.

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