The Essex Regiment 1929-1950 History

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    Hi, I had some pictures sent thorugh by my nephew back in the UK. The first one is entitled Exeter and I would imagine this is my dads basic training. He's in the second row (in the glasses) second from the right and a corporal. The second he appears to ne a leftanant, with signal collar badges, but the cap badge totally gets me. Anyone have any ideas? My dad although William John George always went by John in his later life.

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    Re the cap badge:

    RASC (Royal Army Service Corps) ?


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    Hi Ron, thanks for this. It could be, but somehow still looks different.
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    I am new to this site and not sure where to go but I have just received my fathers war records. He was with 2nd Essex when they landed in Normandy (Gold beach) but was reported as a POW on 11 June 1944 and returned to the UK on 2 May 1945. Is there any way I can find out what happened during that time. He didn't say much to me about his time in the war just that he was marched across France, where to I do not know. Also on his war records his name Henry Richard Lars Larsen has been changed to Henry Richard Louis Larsen, with the Lars just crossed out and Louis written over the top, would there be a reason for this (his father was Danish).

    Many thanks for any help.
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    Hi Maisysnan and welcome to WW2Talk.

    Best idea is probably to get a copy of 2 Essex war diary for the period. Members here might have copies, if not it should be possible to find and copy it at TNA (The National Archive). The diary should give a good deal of background to 2 Essex before the landings and where/what the unit was involved with around 11th June.

    If you can't get to TNA at Kew a couple of members (PsyWar.Org and Drew 5233) offer excellent search and copying facilities cheaper than any other service I know of.

    Good luck and keep us informed of your progress.

  6. Owen

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    Thank you to Mike L and Owen. On reading some of the content I now know why my dad didn't talk about it, it must have been terrifying, brought tears to my eyes. My dad was 24 at the time. I shall try to get up to Kew or even to Warley, which is much nearer. Thanks for the information.
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    Hi Nipper
    I am new to this site and trying to get some info about my father who signed up in the Essex regiment. Enlisted 1943 . Released 1947 . Charles William scott.
    I wanted to identify the cloth badge on his arm with a red hawk / bird/ eagle.
    I know he was in Italy and wondered if there is anything about the time the Essex regiment was there.
    Have attached a pic of the badge in case anyone can identify it

    Thanks. Chris
  9. Owen

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    4th Indian Divsion.
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    4 Indian Division would put him in 1/4 Essex who were part of 5 Indian Infantry Brigade.

    They played a major role in the battle for the defence of The Castle in the Third Battle of Monte Cassino in Mar 44.


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    Chris - assuming he served with that battalion throughout the war and that's a fairly large assume, you'd want to have a look at the following war diaries. That said I'd get a copy of his service records first though before doing any serious research.

    WO 169/10208 1/4 Essex Regiment 1943 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 170/1386 1/4 Essex Regiment 1944 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 170/5003 1/4 Essex Regiment 1945 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 170/7995 1/4 Essex Regiment 1946 Jan.- June

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    My Grandad Leslie Richard Parker served with the 1st Batt The Essex Regiment from 1938 - 1946 and spent from 1942 - 1946 in India and Burma. does the book mention anything about the time 1st Batt during this time.

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Nipper et al,

    I'm currently researching the men on my local war memorial. One of those, originally with the Ox & Bucks was transferred to the 5th Bn. The Essex Regiment on 20th November 1943. He was killed in action shortly after at the Battle of Villa Grande on 22nd December 1943. Can you tell me if there is much info in your book regarding that one month period. Or if anyone else has any info regarding the above it would be gratefully received.


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    Hi Nipper, i was wondering if you could find any record of my late grandfather G.A. Cummings . I believe he was a l/cpl at the time of deir el shein , where i believe he was taken prisoner . I have been in touch with the Essex regiment museum here in the UK , but they can find no record of him as a POW . The museum also informed me that he enlisted in 1936 the 5th Batallion , not the 1st as i initially thought .
    I have his 'soldiers service and pay book' , in which the dates are confusing ! It shows that he was in Palestine until 30/6/42 , then a POW in Italy from 1/7/42 to 9/12/43 , Deir el Shein was overrun on 1/7/42 ??
    I would be grateful if you can help shed any light on this .
    Look forward to hearing from you .
    Glenn Barton
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    I checked the volume, but there was no mention of a G.A. Cummings. You might be better off with the war diary, though mention of non-officers was usually not the case.
  16. glennyb

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    ok thanks
  17. Charley Fortnum

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    Spotted this online. Handy reference for 2nd Essex:

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    Hi. I am researching a Sargent William Raymond Batchelor service number 984. He joined 7 Essex in 1909 and was invalided out in March 1916 but stayed as a territorial right up to ww2. I assume he was called up in 39 and was wondering if you could find any info thank you.
  19. dryan67

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    I just did a search of Ancestry and found William Raymond Batchelor, b. 30 Sep 1886 in Walthamstow, Essex; d. Dec 1969 in Bromley. He served in the 7th Essex in WWI with service number 984. Is this your man? Possibly is that your tree on Ancestry? The entry on the tree does not have any information about service in 1939, but since he would have been 53 at that point is would have been less likely.
  20. Charley Fortnum

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    The 7th battalion converted to an anti-aircraft unit at the end of 1935.

    Do you believe he stayed with the 7th or transferred to the 4th or 6th (two battalions which became searchlights at the end of 1938), the other two inter-war territorial battalions? There was an 8th, but they didn't last long after the Great War.
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