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    The Eagle and Gun Regimental Association (formerly the 7/59th The Essex Regiment Old Comrades Association, and incorporating the 6th Battalion, The Essex Regiment Q.C.A.) held annual meetings at a Cadets Training Centre in Whipps Cross, London.

    My Dad was able to attend his last one in 1995, less than a year before he died. But as that was over 20 years ago, I doubt that there are many (if any) of its members still with us.

    Prior to each meeting they published an invitation which included 'personal recollections' from WW2 which I have found very useful in piecing together my dad's time with the 59th (The Essex Regt) HAA Regiment RA (dad was part of Troop "B", Battery 164).

    So here's the thing; I'd like to get copies of any of these documents that I don't already have, and share the one's I do have with anyone that is interested.

    What I have:-
    - 66th AGM: 1988
    - 67th AGM: 1989
    - 68th AGM: 1990
    - 70th AGM: 1992

    I also have a document called: "A Brief History" by A.S.Cross, which is a dozen sides of A4 about the 59th HAA from 1939 to 1945.

    Any other info about the Eagle & Gun Association would also be much appreciated.
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    Hi - Are you still looking for these documents. I have just found a folder of my late father with some in. I could scan them and either email or upload them for you if you want.


    Ron Pluck
    Son of G A Pluck
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    Hi Ron, yes I am. And yes, please scan them and either upload to this thread or email via a PM.
    What regiment was your dad in? Did he attend any of the annual meetings?
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