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    Hoping you have a speedy recovery Sir
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    Best wishes from a loyal subject of the same name.

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    The Duke of Edinburgh is caught using some colourful language as he encourages a photographer to get on with taking a group photo.

    Apparently keen to get on with the lunch event hosted by the RAF Club in central London, the Duke, 94, was heard repeatedly telling a photographer "just take it," before adding: "Just take the f****** picture!"

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    I thought it was disgraceful and embarrassing as could be seen in the faces of those who heard it.
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    I thought that it was terrific. He is a top chap.

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    Quite agree, a top chap. He's one of the very few royals who has a right to wear his awards. Phillip's war record speaks for itself......And at 94 years old he has the right To be a bit tetchy...go for it Phil
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    Elderly WW2 veteran irked at elderly WW2 veterans getting dicked about. Again.

    I find it astonishing it's reported as 'a gaffe'.
    'Gaffe prone' is such bollocks when oft-applied to the man. 'Direct, and usually correct' suits him better, though his finest hour for me was that swerve to avoid shaking McGuinness's hand. Artful.

    I dunno about the next generations, but under Phil and Brenda the republicans have never gained real traction for a good reason. Class acts the pair of them, different styles and a fine team.
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    Ditto to that.
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    Mods, please tell why this has anything to do with the man being 90? This thread was started 4 years down the road!
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    Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich, was born Prince of Greece and Denmark in Corfu on 10 June 1921.
    He was born the only son of Prince Andrew of Greece. His paternal family is of Danish descent - Prince Andrew was the grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark.
    His mother was Princess Alice of Battenberg, the eldest child of Prince Louis of Battenberg and sister of Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Prince Louis became a naturalised British subject in 1868, joined the Royal Navy and rose to become an Admiral of the Fleet and First Sea Lord in 1914.
    During the First World War Prince Louis changed the family name to Mountbatten and was created Marquess of Milford Haven. Prince Philip adopted the family name of Mountbatten when he became a naturalised British subject and renounced his Royal title in 1947.
    Prince Louis married one of Queen Victoria's granddaughters. Thus, The Queen and Prince Philip both have Queen Victoria as a great-great-grandmother. They are also related through his father's side. His paternal grandfather, King George I of Greece, was Queen Alexandra's brother.

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    I just bunged the link here last night as it's a big DofE thread. Someone must have merged the later thread.
    I'll just remove the 'at 90' bit from the title...

    Edit - someone already did!
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    Hi Peter,
    I merged your new thread with this old thread because VP had already posted here about the same incident. I didn't think anyone would be that bothered over the title, though some seem to have taken offence at a spritely old veteran cursing in public. Good on him, I say, and long may he continue.
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    Diane given the support he's getting on here maybe we should be looking at the next honours list? What do you think we are likely to get? :)
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    Three letters for our title ... maybe a royal warrant ?

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    On Thursday 25th June Her Majesty the Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh visited the British Ambassadors residence in Berlin during their State Visit to the Federal republic of Germany.

    I had the honour to receive an Invitation to the Garden Party and the Military Attache personally introduced Anja and I to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.

    HRH made quite an Impression with Anja and I, as about half an hour after moving to the rear of the garden following our introduction he approached me and said that he had spoken with me earlier and grinned.

    This at 94 years of Age and having shaken many Hands between our Meetings, his Memory is sharp.

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    Just to bring a bit of balanced to this thread - I wish I had the good fortune to be a royal. Means you can act like a twat without having to apologize and some people will still worship you on bended knee!

    The only royal I have any time for at the moment is The Queen, simply because she is dignified and I admire her service to the country. No time for Philip. Younger generation still have to prove themselves. Why should I (or anyone) worship someone just because they happen to be born/marry into a certain family? Especially when we pay for them?
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    Picking up on Diane's comment I did take offence at his outburst, but then I would take offence at anybody talking like that. I felt the shame those there surrounding him felt (you could have heated that entire building from the red embarrased glow from Prince Williams face) and I feel sorry for the parents up and down these four countries trying to explain to their kids why swearing and sneering at another human being like that on T.V. is acceptable. Receiving £42 million pounds a year from the public purse to represent us I would expect a better example to be set, especially to the young.

    Don't get me wrong, I think the Queen, who always carries herself with grace and dignity has done a fine job for us, but Philip let her down terribly there and not for the first time either. If he can't handle the paparazzi then maybe it's time he took a back seat.

    I think the Queen has been appallingly treated of late. From her over stepping the mark with her comments regarding the recent Scottish referendum, which no doubt her advisors put her up to, as she has always remained politically neutral up to that point, to then be belittled by David Cameron in his later remarks that she purred down the line when he called her with the referendum results. I was mortified he could have said that, even in what he thought was a private conversation. It would appear Cameron thinks he's still in the Bullingdon Club and even the Queen, as a female, can be looked down on and talked about in such a derogatory way.

    She obviously felt so humiliated there was talk she was not going to deliver the Queens speech at the opening of parliament.

    I hope she steps down and gets to enjoy some years to herself which she thoroughly deserves before another incident like this takes the shine off all the good she has done. I'm sure she wasn't amused at Philips outburst. I wouldn't do her job for all the money and jewels in the world. But as history always points out, our monarchs have historically been surrounded by and advised by fools.

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