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    Hello Everyone

    Thank you for the add. I'm looking for some information about my grand father. The information I have got so far.

    Williams, Ronald Stewart. 1330951 Flight Sergeant, No 260 Sqn

    L.G. 7/4/1944. Pilot Air2/9624.

    He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal 07/04/1944. I was told he is written about in a book by Ian Tavender called ‘The Distinguished Flying Medal for the Second World War’ I am having trouble finding this book and was wondering if any one could help me please. Any information would be great.

    Many Thanks
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    Not from Tavender’s book but from the National Archives record you quoted - AIR2/9624.

    WILLIAMS, Ronald Stuart. 1330951 Flight Sergeant, No.260 Sqn.

    This N.C.O. has just completed an operational tour, all the flying of which was done with this squadron commencing at El Alamein and finishing in Italy. He has throughout proved to be an excellent pilot and a reliable and popular leader He was shot up three times in his first four operational sorties with the squadron and the manner in which he treated these instances - as all part of the day's work - earned for him the admiration and respect of both air and ground crews and in itself was an unsurpassed individual contribution to the morale of the unit as well as being an example of personal courage and disregard of danger of a very high order. His cheerfulness and reliability combined with his ability and unabated eagerness to fly on all the squadron shows has been a constant inspiration and example to other N.C.O. pilots of the squadron.

    6th February, 1944.

    Remarks by A.O.C.
    This N.C.O. is a member of a squadron which has been constantly employed on fighter-bomber duties since the advance of this force from Alamein. To constantly take part in these missions involves not only facing up to enemy fighter opposition but also to enemy anti-aircraft fire from the ground which in many cases has been very heavy and concentrated. Flight Sergeant Williams, by the citation of his Squadron Commander, appears to have done more than his share during his tour and I recommend him for the non-immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.
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    Thank you so much Snailer for the information. its just mad what people went through in those days. Just a quick question would you know where i could get any information about the hughes trophy award in 1957 i have some basic info but would like more.

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    CL1 I have applied for his record just taking some time getting it. thanks
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