The Distinguished Flying Cross Database - All 20,888 WW2 awards

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    The Distinguished Flying Cross Database - All 20,888 WW2 awards
    This is the second installment of the Awards Database that had been in the works for some time.

    RAF Awards Query to query

    You will find all the entries for 20,888 DFC Awards - Citations, and Links to the original gazette issues. easily searchable via the query.. This DB was something I always wanted to do - for years since LG had their issues available. Thanks to the some of the previous work and coding effort, and scraping of London Gazette website, and additional verification from various ref books, the DFC DB is now complete.

    Big shout out to Malcolm Barrass for contributing to the grunt work along with me in scraping the Citations and Notifications off the 500 odd LG issues.

    At last count, 6180 DFC awards have citations and 14708 DFC awards are "Notification Only". Eitherway all are linked to the original Gazettes. Note that since this depends on how the LG was OCR-ed in the first place the spelling errors and character errors from the GAzette have been replicated in the database. At best use the DB to locate the original gazette links.

    Since the Award DB is linked to all our other DBs - CWGC, aircraft, LGindex - you will find entries now a bit more enriched. eg.. Leonard Cheshire - CHESHIRE (72021), ) [Royal Air Force WW2 Casualty] or Wing Commander G P GIBSON (39438), Royal Air Force) [Royal Air Force WW2 Casualty]
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  2. bamboo43

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    What an amazing effort Jagan, congratulations. I've used it already with great success.
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  3. CL1

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    Excellent well done and thank you
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  4. Jagan

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    Thanks guys. glad to see that is of use. as I get other awards in (DFM, AFC, AFM, MinD) , it will start showing more value.
  5. Jagan

    Jagan Junior Member

    Since I am on a roll . I uploaded the first cut of the M-I-D awards into the DB. Its not complete, its not perfect, but it is 75% coverage

    The OCR-ed file out of LG will require some months of work . A first pass could salvage only about 75% of the entries that being said, I have loaded whatever files i have into the DB.



    Or RAF Awards Query

    There are over 43,000 M-i-D to the Air Forces in WW2..

    Again, spelling mistakes, and other errors have crept in - not all ranks are available in the DB.

    The M-i-Ds are limited to roughly about 50 issues , so it was a bit easier to scrape - but still 44,000 lines of entries is a bit too much to clean up - so for now this temporary update should suffice.
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    What a fantastic database! Very much appreciated Jagan.
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  7. Drew5233

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    Well done Jagan.

    I asked the Savannah publishers a good few years ago if they would publish a second edition of all the DFC Citations rather than just the LG notifications and they said they were considering it, presumably it never happened. A shame because their DFM books contains all the DFM citations and is an excellent resource.
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  8. Jagan

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    Yes Drew, that book seems to be nearly 2000 pages and out of print - not even a used copy available around .. it seems to have been an amazing piece of work
  9. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    I think I paid about £200 for both DFC Vols but it only contains the London Gazette entries. The DFM one however is excellent as it contains nearly all the complete DFM Citations. That cost me £300 from the publishers for both volumes.

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