The Crusader Eigtht Army Newspaper Nov 1942

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    I've recently purchased a copy of The Crusader Eighth Army Newspaper
    very interesting. I thought you all might like the following snippets taken
    from various radio stations during this period.

    "We must keep our teeth clenched and remain steady. The eyes of the world are upon us and it would not create a good impression if we were jittery"...Rome Radio,7/11/42 after an RAF raid on Genoa

    "Marshall Rommel retains complete freedom of movement and the liberty to make any decision... The Italians are fighting with courage, side by side with th Germans"... Dr Frank, in the French news over the German radio, 7/11/42

    "Rommel has succeeded in saving his heavy artillerey and other material, so that only scrap fell into the British hands...Superior strategy is obvious"... German news, 1800hrs, 8/11/42.

    "Now that the German and Italian armoured forces have broken away from the enemy, the situation has become clearer. The retreat was made according to plan and without loss of material"... German broadcast, 11.30hrs, 8/11/42

    "We must not be specially impressed about what is happening in North Africa"
    Rome Radio, 7/11/42

    "After having held up the enemy fo 10 days, the German and Italian High Comand considered it advisable to enter into mobile warfare and not to restrict itself to local resistance..." An Italian news broadcast 7/11/42.

    "We have been listening all day to the B.B.C... We did not detect any cry of victory or any satisfaction at the efforts of their troops, but we did detect a certain note which seemed to reveal the love of killing for killing's sake"... News in English from Italy, 7/11/42.

    "The horizon is black for Italy. We must expect attcks from any quarter."... Rome Radio, 9/11/42.

    A speaker referring to RAF attacks on Italy "The Italian War effort, it must be admitted, is in a bad way"... Rome Radio, 9/11/42.

    "Marshall Rommel is still in possession of all resources; he has undoubtedly sustained losses but these have not decreased his fighting capacity. Both air forces have been active not only in the main battlefield but also in the rear, and it is said that even the Egyptian capital has not been spared"... Vichy Radio, 7/11/42.

    "Desert Warfare is a dingdong struggle, not unlike a piece of elastic, which when it is overstreached is liable to snap and hit you in the face"... Berlin radio, 7/11/42.

    "German and Italian troops are following tatics of elastic defence"... Vichy Radio, 7/11/42.

    Looks like Propaganda played a big part in this campaign as it did in plenty of others.

    I hope you've enjoyed

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    how did you get a copy of the crusader/

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