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    For Steve and Simon, and all who follow the Burma/India threads, and given that at last count (courtesy of Steve) the Chindit Society had a couple or three surviving South Staffs chaps, I hope this may be of interest.

    Taken out of the South Staffs loft box today (not looked at it myself for more years than I care to remember) and I hope, general information as it is, will be of some interest (I think it may be a bit of a rarity nowadays)

    "Your Men In Battle", Chapter 4, The Chindits.

    Kind regards, always,


    Your Men In Battle cover.jpg

    Your Men In Battle Ch 4 1.jpg

    Your Men In Battle Ch 4 2.jpg

    Your Men In Battle Ch 4 3.jpg

    Your Men In Battle Ch 4 4.jpg

    Your Men In Battle Ch 4 5.jpg

    Your Men In Battle Ch 4 6.jpg

    Your Men In Battle Ch 4 7.jpg

    Your Men In Battle Ch 4 8.jpg

    Your Men In Battle Ch 4 9.jpg
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    Thanks very much for thus Jim. I had not seen it before although the content is familiar. I am probably going to be writing up an extra newsletter for the Society members in a couple of weeks and may include some of this. As you say, the South Staffs veterans will be keen to read this no doubt.
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    This lot has been around for quite a while now. As HW says, very expensive. Apart from the Longcloth debrief, which would be nice to own (but can be photographed at the National Archive for free), I think more or less I have the same library (if not more), so look out for my archive up for sale in a couple of years!!:D
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    It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of not one, but two Chindit veterans over the recent period:

    Former Major Thomas Mack Hermiston, who assisted in the leadership of No. 34 Column (4th Borders). This column was part of 23rd Brigade, which used its Chindit knowhow in harassing the Japanese lines of communication around the perimeter of Imphal and Kohima in March/April 1944.
    Thomas died on April 3rd and was 103 years old.


    Corporal Lester Hudson, who fought with the 1st South Staffs at places such as White City and Mogaung. Lester passed away on 17th April and was 99 years old.

    RIP gentlemen.
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  8. JimHerriot

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    We will not see their like again and the world will be a poorer place as a result.

    Sadness upon sadness in these dark days.

    Kind regards, always remember, never forget,

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    Thanks for those words Jim.
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  10. Bless both their hearts.
    As We cannot do much in this present climate I have had a few moments to remember them.
    My Father, in his War Notes mentions the absolute horror of That Campaign and certainly of White City.
    Pax Vobiscum.
    Padre Peter
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  11. Hebridean Chindit

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    It gets that much closer, me Ol' China...
    rip... :poppy::poppy:
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    So sad, but so true HC. Major Hermiston was from Broughty Ferry, near Dundee.
  13. bamboo43

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    I'm pleased to report that both Thomas' and Lester's passing have been featured in the national press:

    Jungle fighter who cheated death as WW2 Chindits soldier dies of coronavirus before 100th birthday
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    Some photographs of two of the Chindits 100th Birthday celebrations. Peter Heppell and John Riggs:

    Bdau.jpg riggs copy.jpg
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    Through Japanese eyes was in my father’s collection. I think he helped write some of the material as part of his propaganda work in the IFBU in 45 . I found it fascinating. Also Sunbeams like swords written by a fellow officer about OP Thursday.
  16. bamboo43

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    I love the descriptions of the jungle and Burmese terrain in Sunbeams.
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    Hi Steve- I've been researching my mother's brother, Richard James Bolton, who I knew little about. Only within the past 6 weeks I found he worked with the Chindits in 1941 at age 18. I think he served in Burma for the duration of WWII, but can't be sure. We found a certificate which placed him with the Second Division and it noted him as a Royal Welsh Fusilier 3662966. I'm wondering if you might be able to help me. I don't know anything else.
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    I have not come across Richard in my research I'm afraid, but that does not mean he did not serve with the Chindits. There were in the end over 10,000 personnel involved during the two Wingate expeditions in 1943 and 1944. From the Army number you have, I can say that he probably began his WW2 service with the South Lancashire (Prince of Wales Volunteers) Regiment as that number falls within this regiments allocation.

    The only way you could find out more, would be to apply for his Army service records from the MOD offices at Glasgow. I have attached a link to their website, but need to say that Covid 19 has disrupted the processes in application right now and they are changing over to a more on line application system. It can be a long wait for the records to come back in my recent experience so have a good read of what the current advice might be.

    Veterans UK

    Please come back to me if you do find out more information or details about Richard's WW2 service.

    Best wishes

  19. Mr Jinks

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    3662966 Bolton

    Enlisted into South Lancashire Regiment `The Prince of Wales Volunteers` transferred to Royal Welch Fusiliers 1st May 1943 , Joined 1st RWF Wounded 13th March 1945 . Released 26 October 1946.

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