The Carpatho-Dukla Operation

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    Good article in latest issue of After The Battle.
    ATB Contents
    The Carpatho-Dukla Operation - Pavel Nater explains how on August 29, 1944, the Slovak national army and partisan forces in the republic of Slovakia (the eastern half of former Czechoslovakia and a vassal state of Nazi Germany since March 1939) rose in rebellion in response to a German invasion of their territory. The fighting lasted for two months and ended in defeat of the insurgents, their last stronghold — the town of Banska Bystrica — falling on October 27.

    Superb description of the battle for Dukla Pass here.
    >>> Dukla Pass
    >>>Military - Carpatho-Dukla Operation
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    Oh, good info, have to bookmark it and read ;) Thnx!

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    Bloody hell, Owen! You've actually managed to mention ATB without asking me for a scan from it!!!!:lol::p

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    Fantastic links Owen - I remember seeing pictures of the valley - eerie sight seeing the aircraft at the side of the road.
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    I re-read these links over breakfast this morning (Yes I know but when you have kids you read History when you can!!) and what strikes me is the amount of casualties, more than the Ardennes in the same time frame yet its almost unknown in the west.

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