The Berlin Wall

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by Owen, Nov 9, 2009.

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    It gave me the best posting I ever had and to be there when it fell topped it all.
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    It'll soon be 25 years since it came down.
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    The Wall's path rather classily laid out with illuminated balloons last night.


    Looks like someone in a Cardinal's hat...
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    A fine thing to remember always, and especially now. Evil men and evil causes seem to be advancing everywhere at the moment (with apologists in the vanguard), but the good guys win some too.
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    The cafe managers Italian accent made the scene even better.
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    We are both of that cynical age!
    When asked, as I obviously did, he vouched for the authenticity and claims to have done his due diligence. Being much smarter than his father, I suspect he may not have been scammed.
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    Some pictures of the Berlin Wall which fell 29 years ago today.

    It brought a whole new meaning of the phrase "Pick Your Own".

    Amazing to think that it has now been down longer than it was up.


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  13. Lindele

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    Starting with the border crossing Bornholmer Strasse, in Berlin, this terrible wall came down.
    And eventually re-united the country.

    Berlin Wall - Wikipedia

    In the minds of some Germans, the wall is still there. Subject: East/West German issues
    Any thoughts of folks in Europe and elsewhere?

  14. Chris C

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    There was a fair chunk of the Berlin Wall in one of the regimental museums I visited last year. I think it must have been the Keep Military Museum or the Cornwall Regimental Museum.
  15. Chris C

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    I knew I had a photo - from the Cornwall Regimental Museum in Bodmin

    CameraZOOM-20180626132139771 - Copy.jpg
  16. Owen

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    Soon be 30 years since it came down.
  17. gmyles

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    Some of the many mementos I have of that incredible day.


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